6 Tips For Having A Bachelorette Party At Rhode Island Dolls

One of the duties of a maid of honor is to throw the bride a kick-ass bachelorette party. Before you set the plans in motion, talk to the bride to see what kind of party she wants. Bachelorette parties can be as wild and crazy as any stag party. The boys shouldn’t be the only ones who are allowed to have all the fun. If the bride is all for a night of debauchery, then take the ladies to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. For now, grab a glass of wine, sit back, and keep reading to learn a few tips to help you plan a bachelorette party at RI Dolls:

1. Make Sure the Bride-To-Be is Comfortable with It

In order to avoid a disastrous night, make sure the bride-to-be is comfortable with hitting the strip club scene for her last night out as a single girl. Don’t be surprised if she’s a little hesitant, because many women feel uneasy and embarrassed by the thought of going to a gentleman’s club for a bachelorette party. This is especially so if the bride-to-be, or anyone else in the bridal party, is conservative and shy. You know the bride, so you should know if she just needs a little extra encouragement to go to the strip club and once she gets there she’ll have a blast. Or you should know if she’ll be against it and refuse to walk through the doors.

2.Be Prepared

Once you’ve talked with the bride-to-be and she’s agreeable to going to RI Dolls for her party, you need to be prepared about what to expect. Luckily, having the bachelorette party at RI Dolls means you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll make sure the bride-to-be, and everyone else in your group, has the time of their life. Give us a call and we can help you plan an amazing night. RI Dolls has several package deals to fit every budget. They will even customize the event for you, to make sure your night at RI Dolls will be one that goes down in the history books.

Better yet, why not gather the bridal party together and have a meeting at RI Dolls before the big night out. This way, you’ll get to see the inside of the club, and you can eliminate any uneasy feelings. You will understand ahead of time what the shows are like, you can scope out a great table that will accommodate all the ladies in your group, and you can view the menu and choose the food you’d like to serve.

3. Send Invitations

Since going to a gentleman’s club for a bachelorette party is controversial, you should send invitations to all the ladies invited to the party. The invitation should include the typical party information, like the date, time, and location. The invitation will also notify each guest that the plans include a stop at RI Dolls so they can be prepared. This gives people the ability to decline if they are not comfortable going to a strip club. An alternative option is to have the girls who don’t want to go to the stripper bar meet with the group before or after the club. This way, they will still feel part of the celebration, but won’t feel uncomfortable and awkward at RI Dolls.

4. Dress Up, But Don’t Look Like The Strippers

Just like any girls night out, you wan to dress up and look hot. Just make sure you don’t dress too provocatively so that other patrons in the club think you work here. You should dress nicely, keeping comfort in mind. Don’t wear anything hard or pointy, like a big belt buckle, because you’ll just hurt the strippers if you get a lap dance. The truth is , no one really cares what you wear at RI Dolls, because everyone will be looking at the naked exotic dancers, not you.

5. Go Into The VIP Area For More Privacy

When planning a trip to RI Dolls for a bachelorette party, you should consider spending a little extra money for VIP Bottle Service. With the purchase of a bottle or bottles of alcohol, your party will receive access to the VIP area for one hour per bottle purchased. You’ll also receive complimentary mixers so you can make your favorite cocktails right there at the table.

Not only is the VIP area more fun and intimate, it’s a great way to break free from the crowd of gawking guys in the club. It’s also better for shy girls who wanted to come along, but are feeling a little embarrassed or out of place. Bottle Service is definitely the way to go when celebrating the upcoming wedding of your family member or friend.

6. Leave The Dancing To The Dolls

While it’s very enticing to want to get up on a table and start dancing when the DJ spins your favorite song – don’t do it. Leave the dancing and other entertainment to the Dolls, because they are the professionals and that’s their job. Not only will you be a distraction to all the other customers in the club, but you will embarrass yourself, you could hurt yourself, it’s disrespectful, and it’s just not very lady-like.

These are just 6 tips to help you get the most out of a bachelorette party at RI Dolls gentleman’s club, the premier strip club in Rhode Island. If you’re looking for sexy fun and wild adult entertainment during a bachelorette party, then this is the place to go. If you have any questions, give us a call. We’d be happy to answer them for you and help you plan the most amazing night out for the bride-to-be.