7 Items RI Dolls Dancers Should Keep In Their Work Bag

One of the most important things you can do is be ready for work. And that means having your work bag packed and ready to go. Sometimes you just have to run and don’t have time to double check that you have everything that you need. So, if you have a work bag packed and ready to go (maybe even a spare in the car!) you’ll never have to worry.

But what do you need to have in your work bag?


Unless you spent your last paycheck on Botox injections for your underarms, odds are high that you’ll break a sweat sometime during your shift. Freshen up in between sets by swiping your pits with your favorite deodorant. A clear formula is best, as it will keep you from ending up with those clumpy white balls that some formulas leave behind.


The Rhode Island Dolls have some killer dance moves that keep the audience coming back for more, but that doesn’t mean that you’ll never use your mouth. Even if you aren’t whispering sweet nothings into the ears of clients, you’ll still have to open your mouth and breathe eventually. Freshen up before and after each set by sucking on some mints or chomping on a piece of gum.


Yep, you read that right: Garters. As in, more than one. Sometimes a dancer gets so into her routine that she accidentally rips her garter. Your garter is what holds your money, so you definitely don’t want to be stuck at work all night without one. Keep an extra on hand at all times, even if you’re working a short shift.


Yes, the strip club has delicious hamburgers and yummy appetizers, but do you really want to eat the same thing every day? Keep your energy high and your figure fit by snacking on fruit, nuts, and cheese throughout your shift. Bottled water is another good thing to always have on hand. It’s important for you to stay hydrated and healthy so you can continue your career as one of the area’s most beautiful Rhode Island Dolls.

Super Glue

Super glue might seem like something more suited for an art teacher than a stripper, but you never want to leave the house without a tiny tube of glue. Stripper shoes aren’t meant to last forever, especially if you’re putting in long hours at the club. Same goes for sexy lingerie. When the rubber starts coming off of the bottom of your heel or the strap of your bra breaks with no warning, you’ll be glad that you have some super glue waiting in your locker.

When guests visit your Woonsocket strip club, they come for the complete sensory experience. They want to see your beautiful body, hear the pulsating music, and smell your alluring aroma. You don’t want to bathe in perfume, but you want to make sure to spray a decent amount on your hair, chest, and neck. If you aren’t into perfume, try a body spray or scented lotion instead. Feel free to spritz more on every time that you enter the dressing room, and try to choose a seductive scent that isn’t already being worn by half of the other dancers at the club.

Heavy-Duty Lock

During your time at the club, you’ll meet some awesome dancers and bond with girls from all over Rhode Island. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that you can trust every stripper that you meet. Most dancers are honest, hardworking girls who would never even dream of taking another dancer’s stuff, but every once in a while, a bad apple will temporarily find its way into the group. Prevent a thief from helping herself to your makeup or cash by placing a durable lock on your locker whenever you walk away, even if you’re just leaving for a minute or two.

If you have all of these things in your bag you can easily throw in your clothes and be out the door in minutes. You can even keep a bag in your car and just grab the costume that you are going to be wearing and your accessories and add it later. Having the basics already packed will make your life a lot easier though. Keep some spares and have a bag in a second place in case the other bag gets left behind somewhere and you’ll be extra sure to be ready for work on the go.