7 Tips to Make Valentine’s Day at RI Dolls a Classy Holiday

When you are a single, Valentine’s Day can be a hard holiday. Everyone is busy being with their significant other and they cannot spend time with you. But there is no reason to be depressed and lonely on Valentines, consider starting a new tradition this year with the RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Ask your single friends to come with you, and if you feel generous, you could invite your couple friends to come with you to the strip club.

Bring Flowers

Just because you are single doesn’t mean that you can’t be romantic. Consider bringing a few flowers to the club to give to your favourite ladies, especially if you are a regular. It doesn’t have to be a rose or be a huge bouquet but it’s amazing how it can brighten someone’s day or evening just getting one beautiful stem. Don’t expect to get anything free in return for this gesture, this is still a job for the strippers but something nice can go a long way.

Fun Valentines

Just like flowers, it can be a nice gesture to bring the girls a cute little Valentine card. It should be fun and light as they are not your girlfriend and do not want anything sentimental from you. Remember the corny valentines that you gave out as a kid to all the other students in your class? Those are a great option. If this is your first time at the gentleman’s club, this might be awkward, but if you are a regular or have been to the strip club several times and have a some favourite dancers, show your appreciation by giving them a cute card.

Chocolate Gifts

Another fun idea when you are visiting the Rhode Island Dolls on Valentines is to bring them a gift of chocolates. There are not a lot of women that are going to turn down chocolate and they will appreciate the thought. A sealed package of chocolate is a better choice if you are going to give them a gift.

Behave Yourself

Just like any other night at the gentlemen’s club, it’s important that you behave yourself. Just because it is Valentine’s doesn’t mean that you can have the night off from behaving yourself. If nothing else, the clubs are prepared for more people who are not regulars and may not know how to behave themselves in the club. Be a good example for them, even if this is your first time.

If you are not sure what constitutes behaving around the exotic dancers, consider how you would want your friends to behave if it was your sister or female friend on the stage. Try not to leer, be respectful of the girls, keep your hands to yourself and make sure to tip. They are providing a service for you. On Valentine’s day, they may be missing out on spending the day with their sweetie to provide some entertainment for you. Keep an eye on the people that you came with and let them know if they are getting out of hand before the staff do and your entire group is kicked out.

Tip the Girls

Valentine’s Day can be tough for the exotic dancers. Many people are going to other locations and not spending time at the gentlemen’s club so they may not have a lot of customers. While you may have an easier time getting a lap dance, you need to remember to give the girls a tip when they are done. Take a lot of one dollar bills with you and give the girls a tip when you can. If they flirt with you or wiggle their boobs in your face, a tip is appreciated.

Ask the Waitresses for Drinks

While it may be tempting to ask the girls to get you a drink from the bar, that isn’t their job. They are there to look beautiful and to look at and to dance for you. While they may be willing to get you a drink, they are only agreeing as they want to keep you happy.

Don’t Get Drunk

There is nothing wrong with drinking and having a good time. But the Rhode Island Dolls do not want to have to clean up after you or have you get sloppy on them. If you feel that you are getting to that point, stop drinking and switch to water or head towards home. Ask a friend if they will go with you so that you get home safely.

Spending Valentine’s Day with the RI Dolls can be a great way to spend your evening regardless if you are single or not. You may have more fun than those that are in relationship!