7 Ways to Make Valentine’s Day with Your Wife Awesome at RI Dolls

It can be super hard coming up with ways to surprise your wife with a creative night out on Valentine’s Day. Let’s face it – dinner out and some wine and chocolates gets pretty boring after a few years. It might be what she is expecting but it doesn’t mean that has to be all she gets. Instead of going for the standard dinner and dancing night, why not treat her to something super fun and sexy? Like a night at Rhode Island Dolls with lots of sexy fun to inspire a night of more sexy fun at home.

First things first – not all women will appreciate this. You need to find out if this is the kind of thing that your wife will have fun with or if she’s going to smack you upside the head for taking her to a strip club. Try watching a strip club themed movie with her and see how she feels about it. Ask her if she’s ever been to one or if she’d go to one with you. This will get the dialogue going and you should have a pretty good idea if she’ll like it or not.

After that, if you’ve decided she’ll go for it, you can start making plans.

Step One

First, if you have kids, you need to make sure that they are taken care of. Get the grandparents or another responsible adult to watch them for the night. Preferably at their home. If they need to watch them at your home, then get a nice hotel room for you and your wife for the night and get the adult to stay overnight at your house with the kids.

Step Two

Give your wife instructions to buy herself something nice and sexy. Women love to buy new clothes most of the time so this in itself is a great gift. Before you head out, greet her with flowers or chocolate or both. A Valentine’s Day card with something sweet and genuine in it is a nice touch, too. And make sure that you are dressed appropriately. No jeans and runners. Get yourself dressed in a nice shirt and pants. Maybe even a suite. Be showered and smelling nice when you pick her up for this very real date night.

Step Three

Arrange for a limo to pick up you and your wife and take you to the club. You’re likely both going to have a few drinks so you don’t want her to worry about anyone drinking and driving. Encourage her to let loose a little bit. She can be relaxed about the night if she knows that neither of you have to drive. But keep in mind that no one is going to have much fun if you both get wasted so keep the drinking moderate enough that you both have your wits about you.

Step Four

Take her to Rhode Island Dolls. Order something fantastic like Jumbo Shrimp or Filet Mignon. If you really want to impress her, rent out the VIP room for the two of you. You can have access to their special premium liquor menu or you can even order a bottle of their best champagne. Treat her like a queen and she’ll treat you like a king later!

Step Five

After you enjoy the meal and some drinks, head out to the main area and watch the dancers. Give her some cash so she can tip the dancers on the stage. Now, of course, you’re going to be watching the dancers, too, but remember that this night is about her so you’ll want to pay attention to her reactions. Is she having fun or does she seem uncomfortable? Is there a special dancer that caught her eye? If there is you might want to suggest a lap dance or a private dance. If she agrees, make sure that she is the center of attention.

Step Six

End the night while she’s having a good time. Have the limo pick you up and take you home or to the hotel. And from there? Well, who knows what will happen. You can offer to do a strip tease for her or maybe she’ll want to do one for you. But the bottom line is, if you do it right, a night at Rhode Island Dolls might be just the thing you need to bring back the fun to Valentine’s Day. Romance for her and well, you might get what you want, too!