8 Terms To Know When Visiting RI Dolls

8-terms-to-knowWhen you step into RI Dolls, it could feel like you are walking into a totally different world of excitement, enchantment, and sexy beauty. With this experience comes a whole plethora of words and terms that you may not know the meanings of. To help you get the most out of your visit to RI Dolls, familiarize yourself with these 8 terms:

1. Cover Charge

This term is used to describe the amount of money you have to spend to gain entry into the club. The cover charge various throughout the day, and depends on the day of the week. For example, there’s no cover charge on Mondays. The cover charge is also waived between the hours of noon and 6 PM on Tuesdays through Saturdays. All other times, the cover charge is a very affordable $10 per person at RI Dolls.

2. Floor Work

Also sometimes called a floor show, floor work describes a type of dance performed on the main stage. The erotic dancer is mainly on her hands and knees or on her back. Sometimes, she will be acting like she is having sex, so this type of dance move is very erotic in nature. Floor work is very demanding of the Doll, because she is literally on the floor while trying to keep her sex appeal. If a stripper is doing floor work that really turns you on, she deserves a good tip!

3. Feature Entertainer

Sometimes called a feature dancer, this describes a stripper who isn’t an employee at RI Dolls. In most cases, the feature entertainer is a porn star actress, ex-porn actress, magazine centerfold, or a minor celebrity. Depending on the arrangement between the feature entertainer and the strip club, you can expect the feature dancer to sell items, sign autographs, take pictures with customers, perform a show on stage, and provide private dances. The typical items for sale during a feature entertainer event include movies she’s in, sex toys she’s promoting, and autographed glossy photos. These dancers are only at the club for a day or two, before moving on to perform at other strip clubs.

4. House Dancer

A house dancer is any of the beautiful Dolls you see providing entertainment in RI Dolls gentleman’s club. These strippers are employed by RI Dolls, and can be seen regularly dancing in the club. They usually don’t work in other clubs, so their fans must come to RI Dolls to see them.

5. Pole Work

Just as the name implies, pole work is when the stripper is dancing on the pole on stage. At RI Dolls, both the main stage and the smaller stage has poles for dancers to interact with. As a Doll slides, spins, and twirls around a pole, you will be amazed and mesmorized. Pole work, or pole dancing, is a very physically demanding skill that takes countless hours of training and practice to learn. The more advanced the pole dancer is, the more death-defying, mystifying, and sensual her performance is. If you see a Doll who has remarkable pole skills, give her a big tip. She’s put a lot of time and effort to achieve that level of physical strength to give you that show.

6. Table Dance/Chair Dance/Lap Dance

In most cases, all three of these terms mean pretty much the same thing. It’s a dance that you pay for, where the stripper dances just for you. A table or chair dance is done, well, right on the main club floor at your table, while you are sitting in your chair. A lap dance is considered to be semi-private, where you will receive a paid performance by a Doll for you right there at your table. Or in a more secluded area of the club. In most cases, the dancer will spend some time actually dancing on your lap.

7. Private Dance

A private dance is like a lap dance, but it is performed in a more private area of the club, or in the VIP lounge. These dances cost more, since they are done in a secluded area. This way, you are the only audience member seeing the dance. Since these dances cost more, you will get a better show. It’s also customary to give a bigger tip for a private dance.

8. Shower Dance

A specialty at RI Dolls, shower dances provide customers the ability to watch a beautiful Doll take a shower. But this isn’t an ordinary shower. Sure, the sexy Doll will wash her body, but she will do it in the most erotic way you’ve ever seen. Customers sit in plush seating outside the glass shower to enjoy the view in comfort and style. This is probably the only time that dropping the soap is considered to be a good thing!