9 Great Things about Rhode Island Dolls Gentleman’s Club besides our Beautiful Dancers

RI Dolls Dancers LegsWhen people think of RI Dolls gentlemen’s club, the first thing that comes to mind is our beautiful dancers. But there are actually many other reasons for you to come to our club which have nothing to do with the girls dancing or the beauties who may be serving you.

Food – RI Dolls is known for the quality of the food.  Superior class chefs cook here so you know that you are getting a great meal that you might not find elsewhere. Food is served for supper as well as lunch so you can dine there at any point in the day. This can be especially important for people who eat out a lot and appreciate a fine meal with a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

Drink Specials – We’ve always got drink specials for our customers. But these specials may not be the typical ones you find at any old bar as RI Dolls are much more upscale. That said, if your drink of choice is beer or something a bit more ordinary, you probably would have no trouble finding your favorite drink at the club.

Bartenders – One of the biggest reasons to head to the Rhode Island Dolls is the bartenders. Not only will they come to know what your favorites are but they will lend you their ear for your problems. While they are not psychologists to help you solve problems, it is amazing how much better a person feels after talking. Oh, and did we say that our bartenders are also amazing looking? They are!

Private Events – If you are looking to host a party, such as a bachelor party or just a night with the guys, you can reserve a space at the club. RI Dolls is also a great location to have a meeting with business associates especially for lunch as we are well known for hosting business meetings.

Location –A big deterrent for a lot of people when it comes to going to a gentleman’s club can be the location. But with a RI Dolls Gentleman’s club, we have a beautiful club very conveniently located.

Music – For those that enjoy music, going to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club can be a great option. We have live disc jockeys instead of canned music. This also allows for flexibility for different themes of music at different times of the day and evening.