9 Things That Happen When A Girl Goes To A Strip Club

In today’s more liberal society, it’s not uncommon to see women in strip clubs that feature female dancers, like RI Dolls gentleman’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. But a visit to a strip club is a little different for a girl than it is for a guy. Here is a list of 9 things that happen when girls go to strip clubs:

1. You and your girlfriends gather together and talk about how you’re just like the ballsy female celebrities who venture into strip clubs.

Before you head out to the stripper bar, the topic about how you are all just like those hard-assed celebrity woman who aren’t ashamed to be seen in these types of venues will come up. The amount of alcohol you consume during this time will dictate just how far this conversation goes.

2. You compare your outfit to what the strippers are wearing in the club.

If you’re clothing is on the short and skimpy side, you’ll wonder if someone will confuse you for a stripper. Of course, you’ll have mixed feelings about whether you want to be mistaken for a stripper or not. If you’re dressed more conservative, you may feel unnecessarily frumpy at the club and will wish you looked more like the strippers.

3. You dress more stripper-y and wear more makeup than you usually do.

Even if you typically wear Daisy Dukes and strappy tank tops, you usually balance that out with another piece of clothing that is more ample. But, when you’re getting ready to go to RI Dolls, don’t be surprised when you look in the mirror and you’re looking a lot like the strippers you see on TV. This is also the night you’ll try a “smokey eye” or “cat’s eye” makeup, because, you know, you want to look extra sexy since you’ll be surrounded by a bunch of hot strippers.

4. You can’t keep your eyes off the stripper’s hot bodies.

Even if you’re not a lesbian, you can and will appreciate the fine strippers in the club. You notice that they are ripped, but not jacked-looking. You wish you had a body like theirs and silently contemplate putting a stripper pole in your house, or taking a pole dancing class. Even if it’s just for a few fleeting moments, these thoughts will pass through your mind.

5. There will be one girl in your group that will really get into the scene.

This may be a good or bad thing, depending on how far she goes and how outgoing everyone else in the group is. This is the girl who gets tons of lap dances, tries to get on stage, and will probably try to get away with something even more inappropriate. Keeping the amount of alcohol you drink down to a reasonable level will help prevent this embarrassment. Otherwise, you and your girlfriends could find themselves out in the parking lot trying to decide where to go next.

6. You share stories of same-sex attractions and/or experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise share if you were sober.

Because of the environment you’re in, there’s no doubt that this topic will come up. Someone will first talk about how there is a girl they have a secret crush on, then someone else will fess up to making out with a girl, and then there’s usually at least one buzzed lady who will confess to doing a lot more with a girl—and then regret talking about it the next day.

7. Less-than attractive customers will hit on you.

There’s always at least one male customer in the club who will try to befriend and hit on the female customers. Have a line ready to get rid of him quickly.

8. You see a couple getting a lap dance together and you admire that they are so open-minded.

You start fantasizing about what it would be like to go to RI Dolls with your boyfriend (or a future boyfriend). And then your thoughts turn to whether or not you and your boo have the same taste in strippers.

9. You think you’re becoming friends with a nice stripper who totally understands you, but then you realize she’s just trying to get a big tip.

Don’t forget that the dancers at RI Dolls and every other strip club in the world, are there to provide entertainment. This is their job, and they expect to be paid for their performance. Part of their job is to be nice to all customers, and they like to be paid for their friendliness because that’s how they pay their bills.