A Guy, His Co-worker, And RI Dolls

I work in a very professional office with a lot of women, but one stands out from the rest. Jessica is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, and she has an amazing personality to match. The only problem is that there is a policy against co-workers dating. Since this is such a great job, other than this one policy, I don’t want to risk getting fired, so I’ve just admired Jessica from afar. The thing is, I can’t get her out of my mind. I’ll admit that there are times I wish she would get a new job somewhere else, just so I could ask her out on a date. But for now, we can be work friends and I can dream about her.

I dream about Jessica a lot, during the day and during the night. But my favorite dream or fantasy is when I go to my favorite strip club, RI Dolls, in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I walk into the sultry-lit RI Dolls gentlemen’s club on a Saturday night. I’m alone, and I sit at the bar and order a beer. As I turn to look at the stage, a sexy girl catches my eye. It’s a stripper who I’ve never seen at the club before. From a distance, she’s a hottie. She has long dark hair with gentle waves, a killer body with a sun-kissed tan, and a tight white gown that stops at her ankles to show off her stilettos. She’s walking towards me, and as she gets closer, I realize it’s Jessica!

I gasp in surprise, look around me to see if she’s heading in any particular person’s direction, and then wave to her. She sees me right away and increases her walking pace to get to me fast. We say “hi” to each other, and I can’t keep my eyes off her tight little body in that sexy dress. It’s cut so low that I can almost see her light brown nipples. I wanted to find out about why she was here at the strip club, so I invited her to sit next to me and I ordered her a Cosmo, her favorite drink.

She smiled and asked me if I wanted a lap dance. Of course I did. This is my dream girl, and I’m fantasizing about her, so I was ready to get it on. While we walked over to a quiet little corner of the club, she told me that she had a crush on me and she knew I was crushing on her too. She continued talking, admitting that she fantasized about me and that she thought about asking me out many times, no-dating policy or not, she didn’t like not being able to have what she wanted. She told me in the sexiest voice ever that she wanted me.

The pressure in my pants got almost too much to handle, and I thought I would bust my zipper. I took a deep breath just as Jessica hiked up her white gown and mounted me. With Pink playing in the background, Jessica unhooked the strap behind her neck and pulled down the top of her sparkly white gown, exposing her perfectly round and taught breasts with light brown nipples that were hard enough to cut glass. She grinded me to the beat of the music, wrapped her arms around me, and blew into my ear. I was in heaven.

A second song started and there was no sign of Jessica stopping, so I let her continue with her dance. This time, she straddled me and moved up and down, just like she would do if she was riding me like a cowboy. I could see the bulge in my pants growing, but I didn’t care. This was Jessica – naked Jessica – grinding me. I thought to myself that this is what heaven is like. My favorite part of the whole dance was when she reached around behind my head and ran her fingers through my hair, and then she pulled my face into her chest. I moaned in pleasure, but it was muffled by her amazing breasts. She laughed and told me that I was her favorite co-worker and her favorite customer. I just about melted in my chair, but the song ended and she stopped moving.

I heard a big crash, like the sound of glass breaking, which snapped me back into reality. It was the lunch room attendant dropping a tray of plates. But right there at the counter was Jessica. I blushed after having just fantasized about her. Policy or no policy, I might have to ask her out on a date after all.