A Marine Homecoming Party At RI Dolls

I’m a marine and am heading home. In a nutshell, I’m sitting at Ft. Bragg waiting to hear the news of my departure back to the real world. While I know I should be feeling all kinds of emotions, I really only feel excited to see my family again after being away for a year. I will also admit I’m a little nervous. I’m hoping to have a great night out at RI Dolls with my buddies when I get home. I figure that I can kill a few birds with one stone if we party at a strip club. I get to see all my friends at once, I get to look at naked girls after not seeing any in what seems like forever, it takes some of the attention off of me, and I can drink and be happy.

As I sit here, my mind starts to wander about what it wold be like if my homecoming party was at Rhode Island Dolls. First of all, Woonsocket, Rhode Island won’t know what hit them when me and all my friends show up! I feel my mouth move into a slight grin as I think about Tom’s obnoxiously loud laugh and Sean’s constant need to prove that he’s the strongest dude out of all of us. I haven’t seen these guys and my other friends in I don’t even know how long. Yeah, a party at RI Dolls would be the bomb!

I’m thinking there would be about 15 of us going to the strip club for my homecoming party. I have a few big spenders in my crew, so I don’t doubt we’d have the run of the VIP room for most of the night. I’ve never been in the VIP room, so I can only imagine what it’s like. I picture it being a dimly-lit room filled with topless and naked strippers, some dancing and some talking to the guys. I picture champagne and beer flowing like water. I also assume there are plush leather couches and chic glass tables strategically placed around the room. And, of course there’s lots of great music.

If I know myself as well as I think I do, I’ll have my first table dance shortly upon arrival. God, I can’t wait to smell that sweet scent of a woman again. The girl I choose to dance for me will have a mild vanilla scent lingering from the body spray she put on earlier, with a very subtle smell of sweat from dancing all night. But the good kind of sweat smell. She’ll have long blonde hair that flows over her shoulders and down her back. A sparkly clip in her hair catching the light every one in a while will create a glimmer that reminds me that this is a special night.

The exotic dancer I choose will be very fit. I’m looking for a Doll with very defined 6-pack abs, toned arms, and a tight ass. Also, long and slightly muscular legs are a turn-on for me. With a body like this, I know we can at least talk about fitness. Then again, we are at a strip club so do I really need to be concerned with having something to talk about? Probably not!

I imagine Katy Perry’s song “I Kissed A Girl” playing in the background while my new stripper-friend starts to tap her foot to the beat. (Don’t ask me why that’s the song I’m hearing in my fantasy! I have no idea why!) A few swishes of her hips and a couple of steps later, and the exotic dancer is standing in front of me completely naked. Her body is jaw-dropping amazing. But her dancing is even better. She dances in front of me, next to me, and even on top of me. I can see now how some guys find it very hard to restrain themselves from touching the dancers. It takes all that I’ve got to keep my hands to myself.

When the dance is over, my sexy blonde stripper puts her costume back on and grabs another glass of champagne. I tell her to finish it quickly because she’s not done yet. I motion my friend to come over and pay the Doll for another dance. The second dance is even than the first, if you can believe it.

The rest of the night continues on just like this in my fantasy. I can’t wait to get home, see my family, and then spend the night at RI Dolls with my buddies! It’s going to be awesome!