A Place to Stay Warm at RI Dolls in Woonsocket

Winter can be such a depressing season. It is cold and yucky and the snow builds up and going outside is a chore. Honestly, if I could hibernate, I would. Unfortunately, I still need to go to work. But other than work, I stay home a lot of the time. But, no matter how cold and dreary it is outside, everyone needs to get out of the house sometimes. It’s just not healthy to stay inside all of the time, is it?

The one thing that can get me out of the house is a trip to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island though. I know that when I go there, I forget all about the depressing weather. I forget about work. I forget about anything else that is bothering me. I even forget about all the money that I have to spend at Christmas. At least for the night. It’s a break from everyday life and it makes me forget how cold it is outside!

I’ve been going to Rhode Island Dolls for a long time. I’ve gotten to know the staff and although the girls come and go, there are a few that stick around and I’ve come to think of them as friends. I know they are just doing their job but they are so good at it they make me feel like I’m coming home. The girls don’t act like I should expect more of them than they can offer.

What do they offer? A warm smile. Some pleasant conversation. And special attention from beautiful ladies who just happen to take their clothes off!

I work hard. It’s taken me years to build up my career to the point that I’m at. I’ve had some good promotions. But it has taken time and dedication and for that reason, I don’t date a lot. I just don’t have time for it. I’m not going to take time away from my career for dating and most women just don’t want a man that’s not dedicated to them. That’s ok. I accept that.

But I do crave the attention of a beautiful woman sometimes and I get that at Rhode Island Dolls.

There’s one girl in particular that I think of when the weather sucks and I need a break from life. She’s gorgeous (of course). She always has a smile for me. She remembers my name. Even if she’s dancing on the stage, she notices when I come in and when I sit at the front and put a bill on the stage, she immediate comes up to me. She has this special move that I’ve told her I love and she always remembers.

You see, I’m an ass man and she never fails to remember that. So, she turns to give me the best view of her nice round bubble butt, sways gently, and then gives it a good grind. There are other girls that try to imitate that special move but no one can quite do it like her.

Besides the dancers and my favorite girl, there’s the company. There are other regulars like me that go to the gentleman’s club and when we see each other it is like seeing old friends. We often show up early to have a meal together and watch some football on the big screen tv. Nothing better than football and sexy girls and good company. We talk and laugh. And a lot of the dancers know their football, too. What’s sexier than a girl that is comfortable with her naked body and loves football?

There’s no reason to let winter get you down. No matter what the weather is like, Rhode Island Dolls is there to warm up the season. Weather you come in for a hot meal (and you absolutely have to try some of their specialty pizzas!) or for the exotic dancers or for one of the special events, you’re going to have a great time. Your mood will be lifted and you’ll be ready to deal with the snow and the cold again after you spend a night at RI Dolls dance club. If you’ve never been there, don’t be shy! No one bites!

Rhode Island Dolls is the best gentleman’s club in Woonsocket. The girls are classy, the food is good, and the company is awesome. Everyone needs a little pick me up in the winter, so stop by. Bring the guys and enjoy an evening with friends or come by yourself. Maybe I’ll even see you there!