A Santa Fantasy at RI Dolls

On a recent evening while waiting for my wife at the mall, I found myself daydreaming. With Christmas music playing in the background, I imagined myself as an attractive Santa Clause. I imagined that my helpers were the hot Rhode Island Dolls strippers. I had nothing better to do as my wife was shopping, so I decided to see where this fantasy would take me. Somehow I ended up at my favorite special occasion place, the Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The smell of women and eroticism filled the air. As I made my way to my special red velvet chair, two sexy elves dressed in skimpy green outfits grabbed my arms and accompanied me. I looked around the room and saw a few familiar faces, including my favorite RI Doll. She was wearing a little green top with green bottoms. It was an interesting experience that I could never forget.

I had nothing else to do when my wife was shopping for the remainder of our Christmas list. So I leaned back in my seat and concluded that I would check out where this fantasy might lead me. It turns out, I was standing straight at the door of the Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It’s my favorite special occasion place where my pals and I go to have some grown-up fun, so it’s no surprise to me that I’d end up there wearing Santa’s costume. I stepped through the door, and the sweet smell of women met my nostrils. I inhaled deeply to make sure I felt the full impact of the aroma. It was a combination of vanilla, musk, lilacs, and sensuality. 

As I made my way to my special red velvet chair, two sultry elves dressed in skimpy little green outfits came up alongside me and each one gripped an arm. They guided me to my special chair, which was two steps higher than the other tables in the strip club. I looked around the room and a couple of familiar faces, including my beloved RI Doll. She had on a small little green top with green sparkles and white fur trim. Her little matching red skirt didn’t cover her apple-bottom totally, which was so attractive. We made eye contact and she glided over to my chair and inquired if she could do anything for me. I thought of a few lewd things.

This stripper is my favorite because she moves like a vixen, but smells like a Goddess. She pulled out a hairpin and her soft hair cascaded around her shoulders like waves of silk threads. When she leaned forward, her pointy pink nipples were so close to my skin that I got goose bumps. I was really surprised and aroused when she climbed up on top of me and started to ride me like a cowboy on a bucking bull. I had a hard time not creaming in my pants, but I didn’t want her to stop. With each thrust of her smooth hips, her round breasts bounced in unison. I couldn’t take my eyes off them as they bobbed up and down like two happy melons.

I know I can’t touch the exotic dancers at RI Dolls, so I started thinking about my wife sitting on top of me and bouncing up and down. Now this fantasy is getting interesting. In my fantasy, while my wife and I are getting it on, the three Dolls were standing around us, playing with the most sensitive and intimate areas of our bodies. I threw my head back and bit my lower lip to stop a moan from escaping from my throat. My wife got up and turned around so her back was facing me.

I was sort of in a sexual daze at this point, thinking about how it would feel if this was happening in real life, when I started to hear my name being called faintly. I sprung back into consciousness and saw my wife standing in front of me with her bags. Is that a nipple protruding from her thin pink sweater?