A Successful Strip Club Career Starts with the Right Club in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Strip Club Dance JobAny pretty girl can make it as a stripper if she has the right platform and one of the main things that will help you be successful is the right strip club.  Getting a job at a gentleman’s club, like Rhode Island Dolls, can increase your chances of making more money and of having great experiences as a stripper. 

There are many types of clubs that a stripper could get hired at.  There’s the seedy strip clubs that are located down dark streets where almost anyone can get hired.  There are the gentlemen’s clubs that cater to tourists and are located on brightly lit streets where travelers are likely to find them. Then there are the upper class gentleman’s clubs. Each type of club has different customers and dancers in these clubs need to know what the customers are looking for and if they can provide that for them.

So, choosing the right club to dance at that suits your personality and style can make a big difference in how much money you make.  The club matters a lot but on the flip side, the club itself doesn’t earn the money for you.  Only you can do that.  You need to know how to give your customers what they want.  If you are confident and relaxed and have found a club that matches your style then you’re more than half way there!

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When you’re looking at clubs that you might want to dance at you should consider some important factors.

If you’re not comfortable in the environment of the club (where it is located, the décor, the lighting, the people who work there, and the clients that go there) it is going to show.  And your discomfort will be a turn off to customers.  You should consider whether the club you are considering makes you feel at ease.  If it doesn’t move on.

The Customers
What kind of customers do you want to dance for?  Look around the club you are considering and see if you see them there.  What kind of music does your ideal customer like?  What are they dressed like?  Who are they with?  Find your audience and know them well and you’ll have more success.

Online reviews can tell you a lot about a club.  Browse through sites that have reviews of strip clubs and you’ll get a general idea of what the club is like.  If you know other dancers, talk to them.  Stories travel and dancers are usually eager to talk and give their impressions.

Visit Clubs as a Customer
Take some time to visit the clubs as a customer. Bring a couple guy friends with you. Talk the dancers and the bartenders.  Buy a few dances and see what kind of vibes you get.  Dancers are often more than happy to talk to those who are interested in dancing, too.  They will tell you if they like the management and if they are just trying to recruit you, you’ll hear it in their voice. If the dancers seem happy, then it is likely a pretty decent club to work at.  Oh, but don’t ask them how much they make. That’s just rude.

Check Out the Club Rules
Most clubs have rules posted somewhere for customers.  Then there are rules for dancers.  Some clubs expect dancers to work a certain number of hours or a certain number of shifts per week. You can ask the dancers about these rules or you can speak directly to a manager.  If the manager knows that you are considering dancing there he/she will likely be more than willing to talk to you.  Speaking to the manager is always a good idea anyway because you can find out what kind of attitude to expect in the future.

The more information you can get about a club before you start working, the more prepared you will be.  And you will have a better chance of finding a club that is suited to you.  That means that you will be less likely to bounce from club to club, looking for the right place, like many dancers do.  Take the time to do the work beforehand and you have a great chance of finding success once you are hired.

Want to be a dancer at RI Dolls? Fill out an application.