Adding Spark to Your Love Life with Lap Dances

Lap Dancing Adds Spark to Your Love LifeOkay guys, admit it: one of the big reasons that you love going to a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls is because of the lap dances. Every man loves a lap dance (and there’s really no such thing as a bad lap dance, now is there?) There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving the lap dances that the dolls will give you when you pay a visit to Rhode Island Dolls. It’s expected that you’re just going to love every dance! Who wouldn’t?

However, there is a question about just why you enjoy the lap dances so much at RI Dolls. No, no one thinks you’re cheating or weird or anything like that. But if you find that you are visiting the club more often than you once did or that you find lap dances much more erotic than you use to, then you might want to take a good look at your home life. Single men probably won’t pay any attention to this (though they should, because it could come in handy later) but those in a relationship will want to.

Whether you are in a relationship with a girl you like for a few months, have been dating a couple years, or are married, there are bound to be times when your love life just isn’t as hot as it used to be. First off – don’t feel bad! It is perfectly normal for a couple’s love life to sometimes lose its spark. It is also normal for men to find themselves hanging out at clubs like RI Dolls more often in order to feel wanted and that they’re still as sexy as ever.

There’s a hidden benefit here – you can use those lap dances you enjoy so much at RI Dolls to spice your love life back up and bring you and your lady closer than ever.

One thing you could do is to ask her to perform a lap dance for you. Now this could be tricky, since some women might not see that you aren’t meaning anything bad by the request. If she says she has no idea how – and it’s a skill that isn’t exactly taught in school after all – then you can look online together for info. Or you can bring her to the club with you so she can see exactly how such dances are done. Doing things like this together can help strengthen the bond between you and once her confidence is boosted, you might be able to get those great lap dances right at home.

Confidence is a huge part of lap dancing and intimacy in general. If for some reason your lady has lost her confidence, then it might lead to her pulling away from you. Most likely, you’re not going to have the faintest idea why. Letting her see how to do it and letting her know how sexy you’ll think she’ll look can go a long way to helping her regain any lost confidence. If you take her along to the club with you some time, she can even talk to the dancers and learn from watching them. As long as you make sure she knows you only are interested in her, this is sure to be a confidence booster and will help her feel better about herself (which, of course, helps you.) Don’t be surprised if you catch her practicing every so often!

Another thing you can do is actually use the lap dance position as a sex position. This works especially well if she’s already dancing for you. Sit in a chair and scoot slightly forward (put a pillow at the small of your back if you want so you can help make things easier for her.) Have her sit in your lap with her ankles on your shoulders and her hands braced on your knees. Now she can control the pace by moving back and forth. This is sure to spice things back up and give you both enough mental images for lots of fantasies during those boring work meetings! You can start your evening with your friends at RI Dolls getting a lap dance from your favorite doll – and then end the evening with this extremely intimate version with your lady.