Advice for RI Doll Dancers for Creating a Signature Move

One of the things that differentiates the most successful dancers is that they have a signature move. Their signature move is what all of their favorite customers come back for again and again. It becomes the move that customers talk about and the move that inspires them to tip big. A dancer that has a signature move is remembered for a long time and will bring regulars rushing to the stage so that they don’t miss it.

Want your own signature move? Here are some tips to help you find one:

Watch Other Strippers

The reason a signature move rocks is because it’s one of a kind. You want a move that none of the other dancers are doing at your strip club if you want to keep customers coming back for more. In between sets or on your next evening off, take a seat near the stage and pay attention to the techniques that your coworkers use to wow the audience. Make sure that your hot new move is totally different than the stuff that the other Rhode Island Dolls are doing. You all have your own unique talents, and you will probably increase your tips after you figure out where your special strengths lie.

School Yourself

If you don’t have time for dance classes, watch YouTube videos or flip through the music channels on your TV. Exotic dancers often fall into a rut where they end up doing the same tried and true moves over and over again. There’s nothing wrong with following that method, but you can’t learn new moves if you don’t expose yourself to different things.

Expert Opinions

It’s kind of unfair, but sometimes the things that we think we are good at are things that we actually suck at doing. As you work on developing a signature move for the nights you’re on the stage at your Rhode Island strip joint, make sure to show friends or family members what you have in mind. Ask for honest feedback, and explain that you’re trying to create a signature move that leaves customers going, “WHOA, I have GOT to come back and see this girl again!”

Mirror, Mirror

Mirrors aren’t just for perfecting your cat eye or glopping on some gloss. Stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself dance. Pay close attention to the moves that you find easiest, as well as keeping an eye on the poses that you struggle with. A signature move should be something that you enjoy, but it should also be something that you’re good at. Watch yourself perform so you can figure out how to combine what you like with what you excel at.

Have a Good Time

A signature move isn’t that great if you look like you’re being tortured as you’re doing it. Relax, pick a routine you enjoy, and dance the night away. If you hate your legs, choose a move that focuses on your upper body. If your arms get tired easily, practice different kicks and dips that you think will impress onlookers. There’s no wrong way to create a signature move, so have fun and don’t obsess over creating the perfect new move.

Test Drive

A packed weekend isn’t always the best time to try something new. Try your signature move on a slower night so that you can gauge the response to your routine. Are clients clapping? Does anybody look bored?  How were your tips?  Keep all of these things in mind as you decide whether you should continue with your new move during your next shift or try to come up with something different.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Developing your very own move can be nerve-wracking, so practice as often as you can until you feel confident about your routine. If you don’t feel ready to test it out just yet, wait a little longer and continue with your usual moves. When the time is right, you’ll be ready to bust a move like nobody’s business and thrill customers with your hot new routine.