Another Business Trip to Woonsocket Means a Trip to Rhode Island Dolls

business-trip-to-woonsocketI was thrilled when I found out this morning that I’d be making another trip to Woonsocket, Rhode Island for business. My boss doesn’t let everyone take this trip but this is the third time I’ve been assigned to do this business trip and I have to admit, I love it. Yes, I have to travel for hours to get there and yes, the clients are boring but there’s one major advantage to the trip.

It means that I’ll get to go to Rhode Island Dolls again.

I discovered Rhode Island Dolls, a great strip club in Woonsocket, the very first time I went. I was bored out of my tree after the clients had canceled some evening meetings. I didn’t feel like eating at the hotel room by myself. So, I asked some other business men in the lobby where I could go to get a good meal and maybe have some fun. The recommended Rhode Island Dolls.

My first time there was awesome and there was this one dancer that I just couldn’t get enough of. I can’t remember her name but she was a total sweet heart and a great dancer, too.

I ordered this thin crust, Buffalo Steak pizza that was just amazing. It has this hot sauce on it that makes it just the right kind of spicy to have with a couple of drafts. I’m definitely going to be ordering that again.

But I can’t wait to see that dancer! I wish I could remember what her name is! I’ve been thinking about her all day long ever since I found out I was going to Woonsocket. She’s got long blonde hair that she wears in curls. They flow over her tanned skin just to the top of her breasts. She’s got this cheerleader act on the stage that drives me wild. I played football in college and she reminds me so much of my first girlfriend who was the head of the cheerleaders. She wears this cute little mini-skirt that barely covers her butt and she can do high kicks unlike anything I’ve ever seen. And then when she gets on the pole…well, let’s just say my imagination goes into overdrive!

I’ll be looking forward to talking to her, too. She seemed really smart and had no problem holding a conversation. Of course, I made sure that she had lots of reasons to come back to me throughout the night. I got a couple dances from her and I even got a private dance towards the end of the night. That was the best part. I knew that the private dance was just for me. I didn’t have to share her with a bunch of other guys in the room. She listened, I talked and watched. It was a great time.

I’m definitely bringing lots of cash because I want to make sure that I get as much of her time as possible. I’m thinking a couple of private dances might even be in order.

I’m going to try to wrap up stuff with the clients as soon as possible so I can head over to Rhode Island Dolls and get there in plenty of time to order my thin crust pizza. And I want to have plenty of time to enjoy with this beautiful dancer that I can’t get enough of. I want to see her hips swaying to the music, feel her eyes on mine, and bask in her smile.

I know that I’m a customer to her, but that’s ok. When she smiles at me I can pretend that I’m the only one in the room and that she’s all mine. At least for the night.

I’ll be real – I don’t those kind of girls in real life. I just don’t have time. I work all the time and I don’t have time to date. Most woman my age are looking for a man to settle down with and I honestly don’t have time to get into a committed relationship at this point in my career. So girls like this dancer at Rhode Island Dolls – they remind me that I need to take time for the sexy things in life. Even if it is just at a gentleman’s club. Someday I might settle down with one woman but for now I’m happy to indulge in the fantasy of beautiful women at a gentleman’s club and Rhode Island Dolls is the perfect place to do that.