At RI Dolls, You Don’t Have To Make The First Move

All my life I’ve been told I’m too shy and anxious for my own good. I agree that I’m a little shy, but it’s never been a problem for me. That is, until I started having anxiety attacks just thinking about making the first move on a girl. The older I get, the worse it is. As a guy, I’m expected to ask girls out. Yet I can never get the guts to do it. This is something I’ve got to change about myself. After talking with a few of my buddies, I’ve decided to go to RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

The number one reason for going to RI Dolls is to see pretty girls dancing naked around me. The number two reason is that I don’t have to worry about making the first move, because the Dolls will do it for me. The third reason for going there is to work on my confidence when talking to women. Eventually, I will be the one asking a stripper for a dance and not the other way around. I’m taking my 2 best friends with me to the strip club. They will hold me accountable and make sure I break out of my shell at least a little bit. To prepare myself, I start imagining what our night will be like….

Johnny, Aidan, and I get dressed up for our big night out to RI Dolls gentleman’s club. I’m grateful the drive isn’t too long because the anticipation is killing me. We walk through the front door, pay the cover charge, and enter the posh strip club with our heads held high. I have big expectations for tonight, and I’m determined to have fun. We pick a table and settle in with our favorite beverages.

As we talk and enjoy the strippers getting naked around us, I start to feel a slight buzz. This is perfect, because I always feel more confident when I’m buzzed. Johnny spots a pretty red head and motions her to come to our table. She sits on Johnny’s lap and starts talking to him. Within a couple of minutes, Aidan picks out a sexy blonde. He makes eye contact when she’s walking nearby, so she comes over and joins our group. Before long, the ladies ask the guys if they’d like a private dance. They both shake their heads like school boys. I’m left alone at the table.

Just as I start to feel the anxiety creep up my spine, I see her across the room. I see the prettiest Doll in the Doll House. She has shoulder-length brown hair, perky boobs, a squishy-looking bum, and she’s wearing a see-through outfit that almost makes me drool. She catches me looking at her, even though I turn my head fast and look at the floor. When I look back up again, she’s halfway across the floor, moving towards me. I glance from side to side, and when I look for her again, she’s standing right in front of me.

She smiles, and then introduces herself as Jenna. I shake her hand and tell her my name. She asks if she can sit down and join me for a little while. I muster up all my courage to say yes, but it comes out as a little trickle of a sound. She smiled again and sat down. It’s like she knows I’m shy and she likes it that way. After talking to Jenna for a few minutes, I begin to relax. She even mentions how my shoulders don’t look so tense anymore. I wish she’d ask me for a dance. I don’t want to ask her because she might say no. Or she might say yes out of obligation. But I want her to want to dance for me. I can’t take another rejection, so I wait and pray that she’ll ask me if she can dance for me.

Before long, my dream comes true and Jenna finally pops the question. No, not that question! She asks if I’d like her to dance for me. I say yes, while smiling from ear to ear. I realize that my face is getting really hot, which is probably reflected in my pink cheeks. One of the signs of my shyness that I can’t hide.

Jenna grabs my hand and leads me to a darker corner of the club with expensive wall coverings, a plush couch, and a sleek modern table. I feel like a king, and Jenna is my dancing queen. I can’t even come up with a great song to play in the background of my fantasy, because it doesn’t really matter. The swaying of Jenna’s hips consumes my attention. Slowly, she starts to undress. Now I know why it’s called a strip tease!

Before long, Jenna was totally naked. Normally, I would have run away by this point. But I’m feeling more confident than ever. Perhaps it’s because Jenna is a professional. Or maybe it’s just the beers talking. But I know that I will never be the same after my encounter with Jenna. RI Dolls strip club is the best place to go when you don’t want to make the first move on a girl. Now I can’t wait to go to RI Dolls in real life to see if Jenna really exists. I’m making it my mission to overcome my shyness and have an amazing time at Rhode Island Dolls.