Bar Etiquette Matters – Even At A Strip Club Like RI Dolls

When you visit a gentlemen’s club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, you likely are already aware that there are certain rules you have to follow. Not following them might even get you kicked out!

But there are other unspoken rules that aren’t listed anywhere for you. This is common bar etiquette and while it might not get you kicked out if you don’t have good manners, it can make you visit a lot less fun.

The bartender’s job is to provide good customer service. They provide you with drinks and they can contribute to your good time. But if you don’t have manners and follow some basic etiquette rules, you might insult the bartender and your night may not be as fun as you hoped.

Here are some basic bar etiquette guidelines that you should follow when you’re at a strip club like RI Dolls.

#1 Tip Your Bartender

You might think that bartending is a pretty basic job and is easy to do but there’s a lot of talent that goes into being a good bartender. On top of that, service staff in many states doesn’t necessarily even pay minimum wage. That’s because they are tipped staff and and employers can pay less. In Rhode Island the minimum wage for tipped workers is $3.89 an hour. That’s not to say that this is what the bartenders at your favorite strip club make but it’s something to keep in mind.

Remember to tip when you order drinks at a strip club. If you have money for the dancers you have money for the service staff, too. Bartenders remember customers and if you’re not tipping, it might be the reason that you have to wait for drinks or that the bartender doesn’t have the biggest smile for you!

#2 Whistling/Snapping Fingers Isn’t Cool

Some people think that snapping their fingers or whistling to get the attention of service staff will get their attention faster. The opposite is likely more true, though. Service staff can be very busy at times and if they are with other customers or making drinks for people at tables, it is because they got there before you. Be cool and wait your turn. They likely already know you’re waiting and they will serve you as soon as it is your turn.

#3 No One Is Skimping On The Booze

Sometimes, your drink might not seem like it has as much alcohol in it as  you think it should but the bartenders are measuring each ounce of liquor they pour. They have to keep track of how much booze they use and if they over-pour they’ll likely get in trouble. If you’ve ordered a mixed drink and then complain that you can’t taste the alcohol, then expect to stand there while the bartender pours your drink down the sink. The bartender will then explain the rules about measuring liquor as you watch him make your drink. And next time, ask for a double if you want more alcohol, or skip the sugary mixes and order alcohol straight up.

#4 Don’t be rude

This should be common sense but sometimes  you have to check yourself. When there are naked women and booze flowing, it can be easy to forget your manners. Staff often have to remind people to not be rude to the dancers and to the staff.

In most customer service jobs, the worker must be nice to the customer, even if that customer is yelling and swearing in the worker’s face. That rule doesn’t always apply to a bartender at a strip club. With the constant bickering from people who’ve had too much to drink, the bartender doesn’t always have to respond to your rudeness with kindness. The bartender will be rude back to you. And management often backs up their bartenders. That’s probably because of all the customers who have tried to pull one over on the bartenders and management over the years. If you are really rude, you’ll be kicked out of the club and everyone else will go on enjoying there evening with the sexy Dolls.

#5 Don’t go crazy when “last call” is announced

You know that when last call is announced, everyone rushes to the bar to order one last drink. This can create quite a bit of chaos at the end of the night. The last thing you want to do is add to that chaos. Instead, remain calm and patient. The bartenders are working their asses off to make sure everyone receives their last drink. Don’t start yelling or whistling at the bartender. You’ll get your drink. You just might have to wait a couple extra minutes to get it, while the bartender is serving the people standing in line in front of you and next to you.