Be A Star Dancer At Rhode Island Dolls

So, you just got your first dancing gig at Rhode Island Dolls? Are you excited? You likely are. That’s great that you’ve found a new career, or maybe a side gig. Whether you plan on making stripping at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI your main job or just doing it on the side to earn some money there’s one thing you should know. Our dolls are professionals.

That doesn’t mean that the dolls don’t have a great time doing what they do. But our dolls tend to stick around because they love the environment and because they know how to do good at their job, no matter where they are working. Learning how to become a professional dancer ensures that you make good money and you’re respected by your customers and your peers.

So, since you’re new, here’s some great tips for becoming a professional dancer at an exotic dance club like RI Dolls.

First, remember that attitude is important. If you act like the job means nothing to you or like you’re better than others, people will pick up on it. Non-verbal gestures can tell people a lot about how you feel, both your customers and your co-workers. It can result in less money earned and it can make your work environment less of a pleasure to work at. If your co-workers think you have an attitude problem, you may find that they give you attitude back. So make sure that you have your head right before you go to work. Come with a great attitude, a smile on your face, and you’ll find that everyone will be more likely to treat you the same.

Another good thing to remember is that the customers at Rhode Island Dolls are often looking for a little escape from their lives. They may not tell you the truth about who they are. That’s ok. It’s all about the fantasy. So, play into it. Help them create that fantasy life that they are looking for. Customers don’t want to really know anything about your real life. Build up a new persona. Be a world traveler or a diva or a sweet and innocent college girl. Pick up on the hints that they will give you. If they tell you that they are a powerful billionaire, that’s ok. They likely aren’t but you can indulge them. You can be a completely different person when you’re on the job.

Show some class when you’re at work. Remember that you are a classy dancer that is simply in the business of providing entertainment. That entertainment just happens to be dancing and taking off your clothes. Not much different from what a lot of actresses do these days is it? Talk with confidence, move like an important celebrity, smile like you’ve just realized your biggest dream.

Don’t forget that dancing is a job. It’s not your life. It’s a good idea to make sure that you maintain some friendships outside of the club (although you likely will become friends with your co-workers). Don’t ever get involved in customer’s lives outside of the club. When you’re not at work, stay involved in activities that make you happy. Take vacations from time to time. Just remember to live your life the way you want to outside the club.

Finally, and perhaps one of the most important points, don’t forget to reinvest in yourself. There’s a good chance that you will not want to be a dancer for the rest of your life, even if the money is great. So make sure that you invest in two things. First, invest in your image. If you put a little money into making sure that you can indulge in your customer’s fantasies (tanning beds, a great hair style, supple skin) you’ll make more money. Second, invest in yourself. Put money aside for the day that you decide you need to move on. That way, you will always know you have options. When you know you have options, you can do your job with complete confidence.

A professional dancer is a smart dancer. She knows how to make money while she’s working and she has a darned good time doing it. But she also keeps in mind who she really is. She has a good attitude when she’s working and she gives her customers the fantasy that they are looking for so that they can take some time from their lives to be someone else.

Follow these tips and becoming a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls just might be the best decision you ever made!