Be Someone New at Rhode Island Dolls

someone-newDo you ever get tired of being who you are? Wish you could change your identity – even if it was just for a short time? Most of us do but it’s not so easy. But a trip to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club in Woonsocket could be just the right thing to help you try on a new persona.

The thing is, unless you’re already a regular there, no one knows who you are. You can be anyone you like. You could be a rich up and coming rap star or an agent or a writer or anything you like really. All it takes is a new name, an identity, a job, and a little bit of creativity. As long as you aren’t affecting anyone else or making any promises, it’s a harmless exercise in being someone new.

I actually did this about 6 months ago. My wife and I were going through some stressful times in our relationship, I was unhappy with my job, and my friends – well, they weren’t very supportive. Most of my friends are the husbands of my wife’s friends so I can’t tell them very much when my wife and I have disagreements. It all just ends up getting back to her.

I didn’t know what to do with myself so I had heard about Rhode Island Dolls and their erotic dancers and I decide to head on over there. Everyone was really welcoming and when I told people that I was a news journalist and just coming through town on the way to cover the news in another state, no one even blinked an eye. That’s what I wanted to be when I was a teenager so the story fit for me. I made up a name and just went with it.

I watched some of the dancers and when they came around later to talk to me, I continued my story. I bought some lap dances from a few of the girls and you know it didn’t take long before I forgot all about my problems in my real life.

There was one dancer in particular that I remember well. I can’t remember her name but she was so beautiful and very sweet. She had this long dark hair that fell over her shoulders and when she was on the stage she wore this really sexy kind of business suit type of outfit. It was nothing that any woman would actually wear to an office but she reminded me of one of the temporary secretaries that I’d had a bit of a crush on. The way she moved on the stage, the way that her brown eyes met mine from underneath those layers of silken hair, and the way she smiled at me – well, she made me feel really good.

I even got a private dance from her later on and I confessed that I wasn’t who I really said I was at first. As she swayed in front of me, I talked. I know that it is her job to act like she is interested but she really did seem to care. She asked me questions sometimes and made me feel like I mattered.

I have been back to RI Dolls several times since then and she is the highlight of my visits.

Did that little play in pretending to be someone else actually make a difference in my life? Yes, it did. When I went home after that one little trip, I managed to talk to my wife. I confessed that part of the reason that I was so grumpy and not talking much was that I was unhappy with my job. I told her I wanted to explore other possibilities for work. At first she was worried about money – after all, we do have a mortgage to pay and bills. But I promised her that I would not quit my job or anything that drastic.

After that I did some exploring online and found out that although I couldn’t become a journalist without going to school, I could still explore my interest in world news and writing news. I started writing for a few sites that allow people to write news and I am still doing it. I love it.

I never would have even thought to explore other options for working if it weren’t for my trip to RI Dolls where I pretended to be someone I’m not. It’s a little thing but I feel better about my life and my wife and I are doing much better. I’ve even encouraged her to start up her own little side business.

There’s nothing wrong with being someone else for a short period of time as long as you don’t hurt the ones you love.