Being The Rebel At Rhode Island Dolls

I walk into Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and all heads turn – the dancers, the customer, the bartender. They are thinking, “Who is that guy?” I’m all cool in my leather biker’s jacket and my ripped jeans. My hair is perfectly cut as always but messed up from my helmet. My skin is tanned and my blue eyes sparkle, looking for some fun.

Ok, so that’s not usually how it goes. In real life, I’m married with children. It’s a good marriage. My wife and I treat each other well and I love her very much. We still go on dates once a week and we rarely fight. There’s nothing wrong there at all really. And I have a regular job and wear a suit and tie and make a nice living. And I most definitely don’t ride a Harley or any other bike other than the speed bike that I use to get my exercise most day before I go to work.

But there’s a part of me that’s always wanted to be a rebel.

My wife has never forbid me to go to RI Dolls. She likely wouldn’t be offended by it. But I don’t tell her about it because it is my little secret. I go once a month, maybe every other month and I pretend that I am a rebel.

Rhode Island Dolls is the kind of place you can go to and be anyone you want to. You can be someone you’re not. I go by myself, usually after a guys night out. At my age, guys night out ends well before midnight. So, I stop off at RI Dolls for a drink before I go home and let that imaginary rebel out so I can feel young again.

I’ve usually eaten already by the time I get there but once in a while I’ll have something off their menu, simply because the food there is so good. I honestly love their burgers and fries so much. So, if I have room, I stuff one down.

But I don’t waste too much time on food because, let’s be honest, I’m there for the girls. They are so full of life and fun. And let’s not forget the dancing. I’ll usually grab a seat near the stage and watch whoever is up there for a bit. I will make sure that I have a handful of bills to tip her with so that I know I will have her attention. I love to watch the way that women move their bodies.

They are so sensual and exotic. And I do love them all. I love the cute blondes in their cheerleader outfits. I love the busty brunette that dresses in leather. I love the sexy redhead with the green eyes that looks like she’s got a secret that she just might tell me if I’m nice enough to her. The way they work the pole, swivel their hips, and dance around the stage is inspiring.

Even though I love watching all of them on the stage, I will end the night with a private dance. I’ll pick out the girl that I’ve enjoyed watching the most and spend a little bit of money to have her all to myself for a time. The girls aren’t big talkers but they don’t mind if I talk. I ramble on about nothing in particular and they act like they think it’s all awesome. They dance for me and only me. I feel like I’m part of a scene in a movie. And I forget that my life is actually pretty boring.

Rhode Island Dolls is great. I can be whoever I want. I can step out of my life for a little bit and just get lost in my little fantasy of being the rebel without a cause.

I don’t know if my wife would understand why I do this. I know that if I told her she’d be fine with it. She would never forbid me from having a little bit of time to myself. She knows that I work hard and she likes to have time to herself sometimes, too. I don’t ask her where she goes or what she’s doing. I know she’ll tell me if she wants to. And we trust each other – that’s what matters right?. Rhode Island Dolls is just a little bit on insanity in my very sane life and it makes me happy. Nothing wrong with that is there?