Best Tips for Newbies From Rhode Island Dolls Stripper

When you’re new to stripping for money you’re bound to be a little nervous. Wish you had someone who could just tell you what to do? Well, now you do! Our dancers at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island have some tips for you.

This is the kind of info that you don’t come across every day but it’s going to make you wonder why you haven’t thought of it before. Hell, even if you’re not a professional dancer and you just want to learn how to do a sexy strip tease for your husband or boyfriend, these tips will help you out. Before long you’ll be shaking that ass and making him want to slip some money in your lingerie!

Here are 15 things you will learn sooner or later (but why not learn them now and start putting them to use right away?):

  1. Don’t wear a bra.

Don’t wear socks, a bra, or anything else that is even a tad-bit tight because they will leave lines on your skin. There’s no way to get rid of these ugly indents, except time. A cute workout outfit or sweat outfit is perfect to wear on days that you have to work.

  1. Watch porn.

To put it bluntly: you’re in the sex industry and watching porn can help you tap into your sexual confidence. You can also learn some great moves by watching porn. And the better you are, the more money you’ll make.

  1. Put your makeup on before work.

If you walk into RI Dolls looking like a scrub, then the guys won’t want anything to do with you. They see their wives and girlfriends dressed down every day. Remember, you’re here to sell fantasies with sexy women. When you look hot from the second you walk through the doors, the guys will be chasing after you for lap dances all night long.

  1. Use Neosporin.

If you shave your girly parts (like most RI Dolls do) and you’re prone to breakouts, put Neosporin on it right after you shave. Just remember to wipe it off before you go to work.

  1. Get a pedicure regularly.

It’s a given that you should have nice nails. As a stripper, you should keep your entire body in tip-top shape. This includes your feet. It’s very important that you get a pedicure regularly. But don’t let the technician scrub off the calluses you worked so hard to get. They prevent blisters.

  1. Keep your joints healthy.

You may be surprised at just how much bending and squatting you do when working at Rhode Island Dolls. So keep your joints well lubricated and healthy with a supplement like glucosamine, or something else that your doctor can recommend. But be smart and check with your doctor before you take anything, even if it’s over-the-counter.

  1. Put on deodorant, then take it off.

You should always shower before work, and then put deodorant on immediately after. But when you get to work, use a toilet seat cover or paper towel to wipe it off. If not, you’ll have nasty glowing balls in your pits every time you’re near the black light.

  1. Buy alcohol. Rubbing alcohol, that is.

Always bring some rubbing alcohol with you to work. When you’re done dancing for the night, wipe your feet and shoes with it to kill bacteria and prevent your feet from getting stinky. Then, take a new paper towel and wipe your butt cheeks with some rubbing alcohol too. This will clean off any dirt and grime that you picked up while wearing a g-string or putting your naked bum on the floor. It will also prevent you from getting zits on your ass.

  1. Use antibacterial soap.

If you sweat a lot, use antibacterial soap in the shower before work to kill those little bugs that will make your armpits stink.

  1. A tongue scraper helps prevent bad breath.

Use one!

  1. Use a classy purse.

Don’t put your money in a crown royal bag or a Hello Kitty wallet. Use a classy, grown-up purse to keep your money in. You want to portray class from head to toe, from the time you step into the strip club to the time you walk out.

  1. Bring baby wipes to work.

When you have to use the restroom while working, use baby wipes instead of toilet paper, this way you know there won’t be any lint left behind and you’ll feel fresh and clean.

  1. Buy witch hazel, too.

Since rubbing alcohol is too strong, clean your face off with witch hazel at the end of the night instead. This is especially important for strippers who touch their face often while dancing. Remember to always use a good moisturizer before bed so your face doesn’t dry out. Actually, witch hazel is great for breakouts anywhere on your body.

  1. Mold your plastic shoes for ultimate comfort.

If you have plastic shoes, put your blow-dryer on them to heat them up. Then put your feet inside while the plastic cools. The shoes will mold to your feet for a perfect fit. If there’s a place where the shoe is digging into your foot, heat up that spot and push the edge out as it cools. Then you won’t have a problem anymore.

  1. Don’t wear white clothes.

Don’t wear white costumes, gowns, or any other type of white clothes before you go to work. White clothes will leave behind little pills and pieces of lint all over your body, especially in the places you shave. In the club’s black light these tiny invisible balls will light up like a Christmas tree, only they are ugly and embarrassing. And they are impossible to get off unless you take a shower. The only exception is that it’s okay to wear white stockings.

These 15 tips should help you look your best while working at RI Dolls gentleman’s club. Since it can be hard to make friends in this industry, share these tips with some of the other girls you work with. It could be the perfect way to spark up a conversation with the other strippers at the club.