Celebrating Beauty of all Sizes at RI Dolls on Fat Tuesday

One of the best things about celebrating Mardi Gras is the partying that you get to do. No matter what, there is a party for you to attend. If you are a bigger gal, then the place to go is Woonsocket to party with the Rhode Island Dolls! On March 4, they are having their 9th Annual Fat Tuesday Celebration. The celebration includes a dancing contest for all women no matter their size. Even if you aren’t a woman, you are free to join in the dancing and have a good time! Be there by 8 pm as that is when the party gets started.

Fat Tuesday is all about eating rich, fatty foods and is a precursor to Lent where a person is to give up something for forty days. So why not spend the night partying and enjoying yourself before you have to deprive yourself? Hopefully the item you are giving up for Lent isn’t the RI Dolls and coming to Woonsocket to hang out with them.

Having Fun with Big Bras

Bring out your best girl friends to have a good time. The bigger the better as the RI Dolls advertise the biggest bras north of Mardi Gras. Heck, take it one step further and stuff your bra to make your chest even bigger and see how well you can dance that way! If you are a guy, pick up a bra or borrow one from a friend and wear it. Whether you wear it below or above your shirt, it’s up to you.

Challenge your friends to see who has the craziest or biggest bra. Maybe dare all the women to wear their bras on top of their clothing no matter their size or to wear their sexiest undergarments instead of a shirt. What is the difference between a bra and a bikini anyways?

If you need to purchase a bra for the party, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, check out the thrift shops. Decorate it with some fun fabric paint, beads or whatever else you might have handy; don’t forget the tassles! Get your friends to decorate bras for the event as well. Buy a lap dance for whoever has the best one, or heck, buy a lap dance for anyone who joins in the fun!

Dancing Contest

If you enjoy spending times at the gentleman’s club, this is a great night to come out to the club and hang out with the exotic dancers. This is a chance for you to show off your moves to the girls and they may even join you on the floor. Even if you don’t feel that you are a great dancer, who cares, it’s about having fun and enjoying your evening.

Be Confident

If you think the people dancing look like they are having a good time, but you are too scared to join them, don’t be. Dancing at the strip club is not about looking like you belong on the dance floor or who can do the best booty pop, it is all about having fun. Get out there, keep your chin up and just enjoy yourself. Dance with your girlfriends and your guy friends and the RI Dolls.

Dress for your body and shape. This means wearing clothing that flatters your body instead of wearing those items that hide your figure. If you are wearing clothing that is shapeless, you are going to look the same. As a result, you are going to have a hard time feeling confident as you will not believe yourself gorgeous. If you are not sure what looks good on you, or what will flatter you, do some research before you go shopping. There are many websites that will give you advice. Take a friend with you who you trust to give you an honest opinion and listen to what they have to say.

Have something sexy in your closet that you have been dying to wear? Spending the night at the strip club is the perfect time to bring this out! Don’t worry about how risqué or revealing it may be, this is the perfect opportunity. You know you will look sexy which will give you the confidence to have a fun and enjoyable evening at the gentleman’s club.

Mardi Gras is a great time to hang out at the strip club with everyone and have a good time. Bring some beads and green and purple accessories and enjoy yourself!

Come and join the Fat Tuesday Celebration at Rhode Island Dolls on March 4, 2014. There’s going to be loads of fun activities like The Biggest Bras North of Mardi Gras and the annual Fat Tuesday Dance Contest. Show your appreciation for all the above average sized women on Fat Tuesday!