Celebrating My Nephew’s 21st Birthday at RI Dolls

nephews-birthdayMy nephew turned 21 on Friday. It was a big day for him but a sad one, too, because his dad had passed away a couple years earlier. It would have been a special day for him to spend with his dad but that wasn’t possible. So, since his dad couldn’t be here to help him take this big step into manhood, I decide to take it upon myself to take my nephew to RI Dolls on Saturday night (because we all know he was with his buddies at the bars on Friday night doing whatever it is they do these days).

At first, when I told him my plan, he laughed. He didn’t think men actually went to gentlemen’s clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island these days. He actually thought it was just a grimy place with a bunch of worn out old strippers. It was my turn to laugh because he really had no idea what he would have been missing if he hadn’t come with me. I got him to agree though.

We went a little early. I wanted him to see that Rhode Island Dolls is more than just a stripper club with dancers. Sure, he’d love that part but there’s other stuff, too. We went early to have dinner and got some great food. They have amazing pizzas, wings, and burgers. I had a pizza (which I ended up having to share with him) and he had one of their awesome burgers and fries. We ordered the wings first. He was suitable impressed. With a couple of beers to wash it all down with, we were soon stuffed and feeling pretty good.

It was shortly after our meal that the first dancer of the night was scheduled to come out on stage. I suggested that we should move closer to the stage so that we could enjoy the show more. He shrugged as if it didn’t matter to him but I could tell that by that time he was ready to see what these dancers were going to be like. I handed him a fist full of bills and reminded him that tipping was always a good idea if you want to see more of a specific dancer later in the night.

We enjoyed several dancers as they did their thing on the stage. I could tell by the look in his eyes that he was really enjoying himself. He tipped every dancer but there was one that got more of his cash than the others. She was young – maybe only a year or two older than my nephew – and had long blonde hair that fell in waves over her shoulders until it reached her waist. Her blue eyes connected with my nephew often. I think she thought he was cute. And I’m sure he felt the same way. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her generous curves and the smile on his face…well, it spoke volumes. I was happy to see him enjoying his experience.

When the dancers took a break, I ordered another round for us. I figured it was time to bring out the good stuff so I ordered a couple beer and a couple shots of their premium whiskey. When he threw the shot back, his eyes widened and he admitted that he’d never really tasted premium liquor like this before.

He was feeling pretty good by the time that the girls came out to make their rounds. I could see him scanning the girls in the room, looking for the one that had caught his eye. And sure enough, when she came out, she made a bee line right to him. I’m sure she knew that I was the money man so she was very sweet but she didn’t take her eyes off of him. After a few minutes, I asked her how much for a private dance. She told me and I gave her the money. I think my nephew didn’t realize that it was for him at first because he just sat there looking a bit disappointed. But when she took his hand he jumped up eagerly and followed her behind the curtain.

I’m pretty sure that my nephew now has a completely different idea of what gentlemen’s clubs like Rhode Island Dolls are really like. In fact, he’s already asked me when we can go again and if he can bring a couple friends. It makes me sad that his dad couldn’t be there with him as his dad and I always loved going to RI Dolls together, but I’m glad that I was there for him.