Celebrating My Promotion At Rhode Island Dolls

Life is full of little successes and I firmly believe you should celebrate even the smallest ones. The bigger the success, the bigger the celebration obviously. So, when I got my promotion, I decided that a big celebration was in order.

You see, this promotion really meant a lot to me. I’d been working towards it for years. For someone else it might not have been such a big deal, but for a woman working in an industry that is typically run by men, getting promoted to a regional manager is a really big thing. To get promoted, a woman needs to gain the trust of the men. She needs to be strong, yet not pushy. She needs to be smart, but not boastful. Really, she almost needs to be perfect. Male managers get away with being over the top because that is what their co-workers expect of them. But for women, the expectations are just so much higher.

Oh, and the other thing – she’s got to become one of the guys. And for me, that meant having a big celebration of my promotion that included all of my co-workers. Where else would I have it but at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

I knew a lot of the guys loved this strip club and I’d even been there with them a couple times in the past. But I wanted to make this a really big event. So, the first thing I did was reserve the VIP room and put down some money for VIP bottle service. Most of the guys are beer drinkers but I don’t know a single guy that doesn’t appreciate a good premium whiskey.

When the guys found out what I had planned they were all totally psyched and I knew it would solidify in their minds that I was part of the team.

The night was a total success. We got there early and everyone ordered drinks. There was tons of food, too. Everyone ordered their favorite things from the menu – burgers, pizza, sweet potato fries, buffalo wings, and more. The table was covered in food and everyone sat back and ate for a good hour or more. Topped off with our favorite draft beer, the night would have been a success all on it’s own just based on the meal. But of course, we didn’t want to let it end there.

It was after the meal that things really got fun. We all headed towards the stage to watch the first dancer of the night. Now, you’d think that I might be uncomfortable watching a practically naked woman shaking and grinding on the stage while surrounded by a bunch of guys that were ready to let off some steam, right? But I wasn’t. By the time I got my promotion I was pretty used to these guys, and like I said, they had come to think of me as one of them. So, it was great. I even slipped a few dollars of my own in her g-string. It’s all in good fun and the dancers are comfortable with both men and women so they barely even looked twice at me.

Once her set was done, we ordered another round of drinks and waited for the dancers to come out to the floor and find out who was ready for more fun. Well, I didn’t know that they guys had this planned but I was the first one to get a lap dance that night. They guys called over one of the dancers that they knew I got along with and told her about my promotion and that I deserved a lap dance to celebrate. She put on a great show as she danced up close to me, smiling the whole time.
After that, the men started getting lap dances for themselves and some of them even got private dances. Everyone had a great time.

Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket is always a great place for a celebration. They have everything that you could possibly want. The venue is roomy and perfect for a lot of people. The food is amazing. There’s every kind of alcohol that you could possibly imagine from beer to shots to premium liquor. And of course, there are gorgeous women all over the place and they are ready to make sure that everyone is entertained.

Since my big celebration night at RI Dolls, things on the job have gone perfectly. While I was a little worried about how the men might feel about having a female boss at first, I soon found out that if you treat them with respect they will do the same to you.