Confidence is Key When You Go to Rhode Island Dolls Strip Club

nice-shoes-sexy-manIf you’re not used to going to strip clubs, like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, you might find it challenging to talk to the dancers. They are beautiful and gorgeous women like these can be hard to talk to if you aren’t confident.

That’s the key though – you have to be confident!

If you want to learn how to be more approachable by strippers, you need to exude confidence and this article will show you how to do that. Before you know it, you’ll be talking to dancers at Rhode Island Dolls like you’ve known them all your life.

Go on a slow night

Going to the strip club on a slow night will give you the chance to have your favorite dancer approach you more. Again, have her sit down and if she asks you to let her give you a lap dance, let her for a couple of minutes and then stop and have her sit down and talk a little longer. Let her know you would rather talk to her and get to know her better. But, letting her dance for you for a little bit will also show her that you respect what she does for a living.

Go in with the Right Mindset

Walking into a club not knowing what you are doing there and walking around acting like you want to leave will get you nowhere. Now, walking in with the mindset that you are better than all the other guys there and knowing your way around will get you noticed more often than not. No one wants the guy who is sitting in the corner, staring at the dancers, and drooling all over themselves. No way! The dancers like the guys who have confidence dripping from them. You want to walk in buy yourself with the mindset knowing you will have a good time. Or, you want to walk in with the rest of your buddies with the mindset that you are there for the drinks, the dancers, and the food and to relax and let yourself go for the night. Walk in knowing what you have come for. Keep your head held high!

Have the stripper sit next to you

When a stripper approaches you, don’t let them sit on your lap at first. Have them sit next to you and tell them you want to get to know them a little first. Ask them about their life and make them know you are interested in learning all about them. Really sit there and listen to them without rolling your eyes or interrupting them. Tell them about yourself too. Getting to know your favorite stripper will show you have confidence and will make them want to keep talking to you.

Be respectful of what she does

Show her you respect her profession and don’t resent her for it. Tell her that she does a good job dancing for you and all the other men there. Let her know you appreciate what she does to help you relax for the evening. This will make her want to talk to you even more the next time you come into RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Try to sit near a speaker

Sitting near a speaker will allow you to hear everything. You don’t want to be the pervert sitting in the front of the stage. When she approaches you, you have a reason to pretend to not hear her well and playfully have her repeat what she said. If she asks you if you want a private lap dance, don’t automatically take her up on the offer but pretend you heard her wrong and say, “You want ME to dance for you? Are you sure you can afford me?” This will let her know you are interested in her by joking with her and she will want to talk to you more often when you come in again and again.

Maintain eye contact

Try to keep your eyes off her body and maintain eye contact with her. This will keep her interested in you a lot longer. This is especially true if you are a really good looking guy. Not every dancer wants men to look at their bodies all the time.

Using the tips above will give you more confidence to have a stripper talk to you more often. Make sure to have some money available too though because they do have bills to pay as well. When going on a slow night, having a lot of money with you and tipping the dancers well will help them feel better about it being a slow night and will approach you more often when you come in.