Couples Night at Rhode Island Dolls

My wife and I belong to a casual, unofficial couples group. We all have kids and careers and hobbies and other commitments but we’ve also all been friends since our high school days. Some of us have moved out of state while the rest of us still live in Rhode Island or in neighboring states. Every other month, couples take turns hosting a couple’s night. We travel to see each other and the “host” couple plans some kind of event or activity so we can all visit and have fun at – without children. Once a year we plan a vacation with the kids.

This month, it was our turn to host the couple’s night, here in Rhode Island. Since all of our friends still have family living in the area, it was easy to arrange the overnight arrangements. But what kind of activity could we plan that we had not done before.

We’re a pretty adventurous group. We’ve done lots of interesting things like sky diving and hiking and that kind of thing. But my wife and I wanted to plan something that was completely different than anything we’d done before as a group. We’d been thinking about it for months. That’s when I came up with the idea to have a couple’s night at Rhode Island Dolls.

I’ve been going to RI Dolls in Woonsocket RI since I was of legal age. My wife knows I go there with my buddies and sometimes even with co-workers so it’s not a secret. She even comes with me once in a while. But we weren’t sure what the other couples – especially the wives – would think about it. So, my wife put out some feelers. She texted with the wives to try and get a feel of how they would react. She didn’t want anyone to be offended. And after she was done, we agreed that we could pull it off.

The night turned out to be a huge success.

Everyone met at our place where we were picked up with a limo. We told everyone to dress casually. The limo picked us up at around 6 PM and we were off.

Well, when we pulled up at RI Dolls, some of the wives looked kind of dubious. The men had big smiles on their faces. My wife explained that we did have a backup plan and we were going to start with dinner and if anyone felt really uncomfortable after dinner, we would move to Plan B.

But no one did.

The wives were impressed with the place. I think they thought they were going to be stepping into a seedy dive bar with naked women hitting on them. Instead, they saw a classy joint and we were led to a table away from the stage. Everyone found something they wanted to eat and we ordered a couple bottles of wine. By the end of the meal, everyone was pretty relaxed and no one even mentioned Plan B. The food was amazing and we had a good time just chatting and relaxing. Sure, there were girls on the stage, dancing and doing their thing but at that point it was just background (although I am pretty sure that I saw a few of the wives sneaking peeks at the stage and I know the guys had it in their peripheral vision most of the time!).

After the meal was over, I knew that one of the coolest dancers was going to be on the main stage and I wanted to see her a little closer. She had these amazing moves and she’s a super friendly kind of girl that likes to make sure all of her customers – men and women – have a good time. So, I suggested we find some better seats. The women looked back and forth at each other but when they saw my wife move eagerly to the stage seating they agreed.

Turns out that the ladies quiet enjoyed the show!

After her routine, the dancer came and welcomed us. She knew me and had met my wife once before so it was not awkward. And she chatted with the ladies. She motioned for a couple other girls to come over and soon the wives had almost forgotten that there was an exotic dancer standing in front of of.

The night turned out to be pretty awesome. In fact, there were many lap dances and at least a couple of the wives thought it was a great idea to go and get private dances with their husbands!