Customer Service Skills – Every RI Dolls Dancer Should Learn Them!

Customer service skills – it sounds so business-like doesn’t it? It sounds like something you learn at community college (and you can, but you don’t have to) or something that you use on a retail sales job. It doesn’t sound like something a dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket should have to think about.

But it is and if you learn customer service skills and put them to use, you can increase you earnings substantially!

Have you ever had one of those nights where it seems like the guys are bored and they just stare aimlessly at the stage, throwing out some dollar bills at random? The girls circle the room but no one is buying the lap dances or private dances? It happens at every club at some point in time. But that doesn’t mean you should give up for the night. That’s where your customer service skills are going to come into play.

So, you come up to a guy and say, “Want a dance?” You have to start somewhere, right? Well, on a night like this, this is not where you want to start because the answer is likely going to be, “Not right now.” Or “Maybe later.” You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again if you keep leading off this way. This is just pure laziness. Sometimes when the club is hopping, this is all you need but you need to recognize that this isn’t that kind of night. You need to get creative.

Start instead with an introduction. Give them a reason to pay attention to you. Be interesting or charming or intriguing.

Before you even introduce yourself though, you should take a minute to figure out what the customers’ needs are. Why are they there? What are they expecting? What kind of experience are they looking for? This is one of the key rules of customer service: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE! If you don’t even know what your customer is there for, it’s going to be a challenge to get them to buy a lap dance from you.

Observe their dress, their body language and the way they interact with other people – and even if they are sitting with other people! The guy that came to the club solo is likely looking for a much different experience than the guy that came with a group.

Someone that came to the club by himself is likely looking for company as much as he is looking for entertainment. So give him a slow introduction. Engage him in a bit of conversation before you ask him if he wants a dance. Let him talk about himself, why he’s in town, why he’s at the club and so on. It doesn’t have to be an hour long conversation. If you are attentive and interested, you can get his attention in five or ten minutes and easily lead him into a lap dance.

If you’re looking at working a group of guys, figure out who the alpha is first. The alpha will set the tone for the introduction. He likes having all eyes on him so if you approach one of the other guys first instead of him, they are going to look to him for approval and he’s going to blow you off. Always appeal to the alpha guy’s need to have the main attention. Be cute or funny but be unique. Don’t be the “wanna dance” girl that is just taking attention away from him.

Once you have the alpha’s attention and you’ve gotten him to buy a lap dance, that will be like him giving permission to the other guys to get lap dances, too. Then you or other dancers can join their group and get the party started. And once the rest of the people at the club see you dancing for him, they will get in the mood and want a lap dance, too – from you or from someone else. It’s a win-win situation for all of the dancers at the club

Customer service always starts with knowing your customer and knowing what they want from the strip club experience. Don’t be afraid to observe the people at the club. Watch how they interact with each other and with the dancers that approach them and are getting shot down. Then, give them what they aren’t getting that is causing the bored attitude that they had and turn the club around.

Once you have the first group of guys excited to be at the club, keep the vibe alive. Move on to another group or to a single customer. Spread the happiness. Because ultimately, everyone is at the club because they are looking for a good time. Keep the happy vibe alive!