Divorce Doesn’t Suck As Much When You Go To Rhode Island Dolls

Divorce sucks. Let’s be honest. No matter how much you think that you and your partner will be civil and won’t smash up each other’s reputations and will share everything equally, it sucks. It’s an emotional time for everyone and tempers get out of hand and both of you are likely going to say and do things that you normally would not. I thought our divorce would be fine. But it wasn’t as fine as I thought it would be. I won’t go into the details because I know my ex is not really a bad person but damn – there were some unexpected things happening that really threw me for a loop.

I don’t know how I would have gotten through it all if it weren’t for Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI and all the great people there – the staff, the customers, and the Dolls saved my sanity.

For the first month after my divorce I could hardly do anything. I had to take time off work. I didn’t know how to do anything anymore. I hardly ate. I was like a zombie. Getting divorced was the most difficult time of my life. And we didn’t even have kids. I can’t imagine how much more challenging it would have been to get through that period if we’d had children.

I went back to work but that was all I did. Get up, go to work, come home, and become a zombie. I wouldn’t answer the phone. I stopped playing in my fantasy baseball league. I did nothing but work and vegetate in front of the television. I didn’t even know what I was watching. I was just trying to fill a void.

Finally, my best friend came over and pounded on the door until I got up and let him in. I don’t think I even heard him for the first few minutes. And then I didn’t seem to know what to do. I guess something finally clicked in my head and I realized I should answer the door.

He came in and forced me to go take a shower and then he brought me to RI Dolls. I had never been there before. I’d never been to any gentlemen’s club before. My wife wouldn’t let me. But that wasn’t an issue anymore. And that night I woke up.

When we got to Rhode Island Dolls gentleman’s club, we just sat at first. My buddy ordered us some beer and some food and you know, I felt almost alive again. I’d hardly been eating and had lost at least 15 pounds at that point but that food was so great. It woke me up. We hardly talked. I just scarfed down all that great food. When it was all gone, I was alive again and I started talking.

We watched the dancers on the stage, too. The girls were absolutely gorgeous but women were of no interest to me. That part of my brain had shut off or something. But there was one girl…she woke me up. I guess my buddy noticed something flicker behind my eyes because the next thing I knew she was finishing her stage time and he was calling her over to our table. He introduced me to her and she smiled a smile more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen in my life. She talked to me for a bit and then my buddy asked her if she’d give me a table dance. Of course, she smiled and agreed. He passed her the money and she started to dance just for me.

My buddy started bringing me to Rhode Island Dolls every weekend after that. And slowly but surely, I got my life back. The way the girls spoke to me, the dancing, the activity, and the food – all of it combined just helped me get through that horrible divorce. The exotic dance club helped me get my confidence back. It helped me feel like the divorce hadn’t been all my fault and I started doing other things again.

I re-joined my fantasy baseball league. And I actually joined a softball team. I did some volunteer activities through work and started meeting new people. Including new women. It took me months but I got my life back. And it was all thanks to the beautiful women at Rhode Island Dolls dance club. They made me realize that there was fun to be had in my life yet. I wasn’t dead, even though I felt like I was for a long time.

I got my life back together and now – well, I can see a future where I might even get married again some day.
Thanks Rhode Island Dolls!