Does Body Language Matter at Rhode Island Dolls?

Body language says a lot about you and most people know that you need to be aware of what it says when you’re at work or on a date. But what about at a strip club like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI? Do you need to be aware of your body language or can you let loose?

The thing is that body language can affect how other people perceive you. Your body language could be telling others that you are happy or miserable. It could be saying that you’re poor and down on your luck – or it could say that you are out on the town and ready to spend some money. Do you think that matters when you’re at RI Dolls?

The truth is, if you want strippers to approach you, if you want them to talk to you and be around you, your body language can make a big difference. Think about it. If you’re sitting at your table, alone or even with some friends, and you’ve got your arms across your chest, what do you think that is saying? It’s likely giving the dancers the impression that you don’t want to be approached. At the very least, they may think that you don’t really want to be there and they should likely not bother you. Your body language is telling them (and others at the club, too) that you are not open to conversation or to offers for lap dances. Is that what you want them to think?

Another type of body language that can say a lot is your eye contact – or lack of. Someone that doesn’t make eye contact with others gives people the feeling that they are not in the mood for conversation or any other kind of interaction. If you’re looking everywhere but at the dancers in the room, you likely don’t appear to really want to be there. Make eye contact with a dancer that you want to spend some time with or get a private dance from and she’s much more likely to talk to you. She’ll see your interest and she’ll make it a point of finding her way to you.

Try not to fidget to much when you’re at a gentlemen’s club. A fidgety person can seem unpredictable. They might appear to be drunk or even on some kind of drug. If the dancers think that is true for you, they definitely won’t come near you. While there are bouncers at strip clubs, the dancers learn quickly to trust their intuition and if their gut is telling them that there is something off about you, they are going to listen to that feeling. They need to feel safe and secure and a fidgety, impulsive person will not make them feel that way.

If you see a dancer that you want to talk to, show that you’re interested without being creepy. It is great to make eye contact, but don’t stare at her and watch her every move. That’s just not cool. Turn your body towards her and glance her way. If you catch her eye, give her a friendly smile or a nod and then turn your gaze away and wait for her to approach you.

Watch where you put your hands, too. Did you know that if you are putting your hands in your belt loops or resting them too close to your groin, it might be construed at trying to draw attention to your package? Is this a bad thing? Well, in a strip club it might be. That could give the indication that you think that you’re going to get more out of a lap dance or private dance than just the dance. And that’s not cool. It’s better to leave your hands where they can see them – on the table or on your drink.

If you are at a gentlemen’s club and you find that the dancers are not paying much attention to you, think about what kind of body language you are using and what that might be telling the strippers. Does your body language make them feel safe or could it be considered threatening or unpredictable. The girls are there to make money but they are not going to come up to someone that gives them bad vibes. Send off the right signs and use the right kind of body language though and you could be well on your way to a great night.