Don’t Ruin Your Night at RI Dolls by Getting Drunk

If you like to tear one on and get drunk and rowdy, Rhode Island Dolls is not the place to do it. Especially now. We opened back up recently and we’re being really careful to follow all the rules of the Covid-19 guidelines and we want to keep everyone safe. If you’re drunk, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to remember the rules and we’ll have to remove you from the premises.

Keeping our staff and customers as safe as possible during this time is our main priority. Of course, we want everyone to have a good time. That’s why we are working so hard to make sure the club is safe.

So, if you’re in Woonsocket, RI and you decide to head to Rhode Island Dolls, keep your wits about you. Have a few drinks, have fun, but stay sober.

Need more reasons to not get drunk when you’re out at RI Dolls? Here’s 9 more:

#1 You’ll spend too much money.

While every strip club wants you to spend money, they don’t want you to have to mortgage your house because of a bad night of reckless spending. When you’re bombed, you don’t have any inhibitions, including financial inhibitions. So you’ll be more apt to spend much more than you intended. Especially if you have a credit card.

#2 You won’t remember anything.

A night at Rhode Island Dolls is always a great night. But, if you get inebriated you won’t remember your awesome night at the best gentleman’s club in Rhode Island. What a shame that would be. Why even bother going if you can’t remember what happened, and can’t tell your buddies all about your crazy night?

#3 You’ll spend money the wrong way.

Yes, having a couple good drinks is all part of the pleasure of being at a strip club. But instead of spending all your money on alcohol, use some of that money for a few more lap dances instead. You’ll enjoy it more, and the dancers will appreciate it more.

#4 You may go too far.

Drunk guys often think they themselves are so hot that every exotic dancer at RI Dolls wants them. Which isn’t true. But because you’ve been drinking you may mistake a little niceness and flirting for something more, and you’ll try to pull some dirty business. There are laws in the state of Rhode Island and you must abide by them, including prostitution laws. And if you think you’re so hot that the Dolls will want you for free, think again.

#5 You won’t be able to drive home.

Drinking and driving is a big no-no. So if you’re three sheets to the wind, how are you going to get home? Oh, spend money on a cab? But you spent all your money on booze and boobs. Now what? You’ll probably have to call your wife or girlfriend to pick you up, and they won’t be happy about it.

#6 You might pass out.

It’s not uncommon for people to drink too much and pass out. Just picture yourself sitting at a table eating a delicious appetizer with friends. But, you drank too much and you pass out, with your head landing in your Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Not only is that a waste of good food, but you’ve also just ruined everyone’s night.

#7 You won’t get what you want.

Have you ever listed to a drunk guy talk? You probably couldn’t understand a word he said. Well, if you get smashed at RI Dolls, the strippers won’t be able to understand what you’re saying, either. So, you won’t get what you want. You’ll also be pretty aggravating because you’ll be babbling and talking in drunken slurs. Sexy strippers don’t want to be around that.

#8 You’ll have horrible anxiety the next day.

If you got so tanked that you can’t remember what happened the night before, how do you know you behaved yourself? In addition to having a horrible hangover, you’ll be wracked with anxiety, hoping you didn’t do anything “bad” at the club.

#9 You’ll yell and embarrass yourself.

You don’t want to be “that guy” who’s sitting at the stage yelling out to the dancers because you’re so plastered you can’t control yourself. You may think you’re funny, but your not. Not only will you embarrass yourself, but you’ll also embarrass the erotic dancers who are trying to put on a show for you and the other patrons at the club. You’ll also get warned by the bouncer to calm down. And if you don’t, you’ll be kicked out.