Don’t Try To Be A Stripper’s Knight In Shining Armor

You’ve seen this situation or have at least heard about it before, especially if you’ve ever worked in a gentleman’s club like RI Dolls: A customer comes into the club and feels like he has a connection with one of the dancers. He thinks she’s gorgeous, friendly, funny, and nice. Before long, he starts to think about rescuing her from her job as an exotic dancer. Soon after, these thoughts turn into plans to whisk the stripper away from her degrading job and give her a better life. Of course, this better life usually includes him in it. He may start talking about her moving in with him, he may offer to pay for college, or make other promises of a better and more fulfilling life.

While the customer goes on and on, telling the stripper about how he can support her and help her get out of the game, she’s nodding in agreement. But it’s what she’s thinking that’s important. A new kind of relationship is forming between the customer and dancer, and it’s usually equal, but not in this scenario. The customer has moved out of the fantasy world and is talking about reality.

But the dancer is still playing a fantasy role– that of the damsel in distress.

While a customer goes on and on about all the things he can do to help her or save her from her current life, the stripper is thinking about how she can get paid tonight. She immediately starts thinking about how she can continue role-playing as the dirt girl with a good heart who wants to be rescued from her life as an adult performer. And, she knows that it will be easy to play this role and bank a decent amount of cash while doing it. She’ll stick around this guy, not because she wants him to save her, but because she is doing her job. In this situation, the customer feels very connected to the dancer, but in fact, there is a huge disconnection in what is going on between the two people.

The Damsel In Distress

Strip clubs and gentleman’s clubs, whether in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, Las Vegas, Nevada, or anywhere else in the country, are all about adult fantasies. There are a few common scenarios that a lot of guys enjoy, including school girls, nurses, dirty angles, and horny devils. But don’t forget about the damsel in distress. Guys love to see a girl in trouble so they can rescue her. It probably has to do with man’s basic instinct of being a strong protector of women.

This is a role that strippers and exotic dancers can get into very easily. They can talk about how much they don’t like their jobs, how they wish they had enough money to drive a fancy car, or how they dream of going to college. But this is just a fantasy to fulfill a guy’s need to feel like he is her knight in shining armor. She doesn’t really want you to rescue her, and you may walk out of the club at the end of the night with a broken heart if you’re not careful!

This Job Is Not A Last Resort

The truth of the matter is that, again, this is a fantasy. As long as you can keep that in check, you’ll do fine turning into the a fake knight in shining armor for one night. This dancer that you’re crushing on probably loves her job as a stripper. Most of them are in college or have already graduated college. They have a decent or even awesome place to live. Many have boyfriends, and some have husbands and families that they support with the wages they earn at RI Dolls. The last thing that these strong women think is “poor me.” And don’t ever second guess a girl’s job as a stripper. It’s actually a pretty great gig. It’s not uncommon for strippers to earn a six-figure income. And, think about it. What other job can you dance to great music, get an awesome total body workout in a fun way, drink, and get paid for it? There is no other job like it! For many women, begin a stripper is actually their first job choice, not a last resort.


The moral of this story is, if you are seriously thinking about rescuing a girl from her job as a stripper, think twice. Even if it seems like she wants you to sweep her off her feet and give her a brand new life, she doesn’t. It’s just all part of the strip club fantasy, and strippers are very good at taking part in this fantasy because they are good at their job. If you do think you are going to be a knight in shining armor to a stripper, you won’t walk out the door with her at the end of the night. You’ll only be walking out with a broken heart.