Eco-Friendly Tips for Visiting RI Dolls

Trends are temporary and it is apparent that being eco-friendly is not a trend at all – it is here to stay. It’s seen everywhere you go – in schools, offices, other workplaces and in social situations too like restaurants, and even strip clubs like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI. Believe it or not, there are many ways you can be more green when you are out doing your thing, no matter where you are.

Here are some tips for being more ecologically friendly when you are visiting RI Dolls:

#1 Ask for one plate

As a person who cares about the environment, you know that turning on a machine to wash and dry dishes uses a lot of energy. You can do your part to reduce this energy consumption by asking for as few plates as possible when ordering dinner at the strip club. Instead of putting your sides on 3 different meticulously put-together plates of food art, simply ask your server to put everything on one plate.

#2 Re-use napkins

How many times have you looked at a little drink napkin and wonder how many trees were used to make all the little napkins a bar uses in one night? The thing is, that napkin is really only there to collect condensation dripping off your cocktail glass. You don’t need a new one with every new drink you order. Instead, use the same napkin several times. You will literally save trees.

#3 Drink less

Basically, the less you drink, the smaller your carbon footprint at RI Dolls will be. This is because you won’t be using as many glasses or mugs. You would be going to the bathroom every 10 minutes and wasting water with every flush. Plus, you’ll have a lot more fun when you’re seeing clearly and can truly enjoy the show. The Dolls will treat you nicer when you’re not a raving drunk. And you’ll remember everything about your amazing night when you wake up the next morning without a hangover.

#4 One glass, multiple drink

Reduce, reuse, and recycle are the 3 R’s that every green person lives by. So, you’ve reduced the amount of plates you’re using for dinner. Now it’s time to reuse the same glass for all your drinks. Ask your server to fill up the same glass you’ve been using. If she seems reluctant, remind her that there will be less dishes to wash if you use the same glass over again, so it’s very eco-friendly. Better yet, skip the cocktail glass all together and order a bottled beer. Then just drink the beer right out of the bottle. The glass bottle will then be recycled by RI Dolls.

#5 Bring Your Own Container

If you think you may not finish your dinner at RI Dolls, or you just want to bring some of this delicious award-winning food home with you to enjoy tomorrow, then bring your own reusable take-home container. This is a lot more environment-friendly than a Styrofoam or cardboard container that will only end up in a landfill, or worse.

#6 Get As Many Lap Dances As You Want

If you really think about it. Getting a lap dance is very eco-friendly. You’re buying something that won’t end up in a landfill or cluttering your home. You’re not wasting anything, especially since these gorgeous Dolls will give you a show that’s worth every penny. And a lap dance is anything but bad for the environment. In fact, you could say a lap dance is good for the environment because it doesn’t pollute the air, it makes people happy, and lap dances don’t use up precious electricity.

These are just 6 specific things you can do to have a more eco-friendly experience while visiting RI Dolls. There are many more things you can do while visiting this strip club. While Rhode Island Dolls may not have an electricity-generating floor to dance on, like Watt, a club in London, but you’ll still be electrified by being a green customer at this strip club. When you get home after a great night at RI Dolls, you’ll be so hot that you won’t have to turn your heater on. Which is just something more you can do to be eco-friendly long after your experience at RI Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket.