Video Audition

In order to make the best video you can, please read these helpful tips:

  1. Lighting: The main light source in the room should be BEHIND the camera shining on you (not behind you shining at the camera). Turn on multiple lights for better quality recording.
  2. Mount the camera: Do NOT hold the phone like you are taking a selfie... mount the camera on a tripod, up against a book or have a friend hold it.
  3. Framing: You should be in the center of the video and the camera (phone) should be far enough away to capture your entire body.
  4. Makeup / Wardrobe / Music: Act as if you have been hired at RI Dolls and you are about to go on stage. Play your favorite sexy song. Look classy and sexy.
  5. Review: Before you upload your video watch it a few times and see if you like it and reshoot if necessary. If you feel comfortable, ask a friend to look at it first. Is the lighting good? Do you look your best?
  6. WiFi: Make sure that your device is connected to a WiFi network (as opposed to being on a cellular connection) for a smooth upload experience