False Beliefs About Strip Clubs You Need to Get Over. A Rhodre Island Strip Club Dancer Discusses

Making Better Tips Dancing at Rhode Island DollsA lot of people have never been to a strip club and will never go to a strip club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. Yet, they are often the first people to spread misconceptions. They don’t want anyone else to believe that there can be good things about gentlemen’s club because of their own fears or maybe because of their religious beliefs.

People are absolutely allowed to believe anything they want. But you also have the right to know the truth and to find out what you want to believe for yourself.

If you’ve been hesitating to go to a strip club because of what other people have told you, here are some misconceptions you should know about:

Strip Clubs are Full of Perverts

This myth is believed mostly by women who are insecure and have never stepped foot into a gentlemen’s club. They assume that only dirty old men and lesbians go to gentlemen’s clubs because they think that putting down strippers and people who patron strip clubs will make them feel better about themselves. This is totally wrong on so many levels. But, what is most important is that at RI Dolls, you’ll see all kinds of people enjoying the show. There are straight, lesbian, and bisexual women, and there are straight, gay, and bisexual men all together in the swanky club having a blast. Some people are there for the eye candy, some for a birthday or bachelor party, some people are there having a business meeting, and there are some people there on dates. In fact, we often see straight couples in the club having a fantastic night out. And after their first time here, they usually come back again and again.

Dancers At Strip Clubs are Being Taken Advantage Of

There is a big misconception that strippers have had bad childhoods, because that would be the only sensible reason why they would want to dance naked for people. Sure, there may be one or two dancers in the club that didn’t have a great childhood, but I bet there are more people at your office that had a crappy childhood than there are strippers that had a troublesome past. This goes back to finding ways to make an exotic dancer feel unworthy, or beneath society. People who spread this idea believe that women can’t be in charge of themselves. They can’t possibly chose to do a job that makes them feel sexy and that is fun just because they want to.

Gentlemen’s Clubs Will Make You Broke

Guys often associate going to a strip club as having to spend a lot of money. But this simply isn’t true. You are in charge of your wallet, not anyone else. When you go to a place like Rhode Island Dolls, you can experience amazing adult entertainment without breaking the bank. If you want to watch strippers and enjoy some alcohol to help you relax, but you are looking to keep the spending down, consider drinking beer instead of expensive mixed drinks. If you have to have that hard liquor, then consider the house brands instead of top shelf spirits. Finally, skip the private dances and lap dances and just sit at the stage and enjoy the show. While you still have to tip the dancer, it’s cheaper than paying for a lap dance.

Exotic Dancers Are Immoral and Just Like Prostitutes

Another myth floating around is that strippers are really just prostitutes. This is totally false. Not only is it against the law to sell sex intercourse, but it’s just not very nice. At Rhode Island Dolls, the girls are there to entertain customers. Yes, they take their clothes off, but customers are not allowed to touch the Dolls. If you can’t even touch them, then how can it be considered prostitution? Dancing on a stage naked is all about art and performing for people that appreciate a beautiful body. It’s not about having sex.

There are many more false myths that are floating around about Rhode Island Dolls and other gentlemen’s clubs around the country. Instead of talking negatively about a place that you’ve never been, why don’t you grab a friend or two, or your partner, and come have a great time. You might as well come see what all the fun is about, then you can help pass the word that these myths are false.