Finding My Mojo At RI Dolls

Mojo Found at Rhode Island DollsI was going to be one of those guys that married their high school sweetheart, had kids, and lived happily ever after. We were the couple that everyone envied. But last month, she broke it off. Yeah, it sucked, but life goes on. What scares me the most is getting back into the dating scene. She was pretty much the only girlfriend I’ve ever had, so I don’t know how I’m supposed to act on a date. As I thought about sitting in a restaurant with a pretty girl, my mind wandered and instead I found myself sitting at a table in Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club.

What better place than to learn to feel comfortable around hot naked women than at a strip club? Since I live near Woonsocket, Rhode Island, RI Dolls is the only place I’d go to. It only makes sense that my fantasy would take me there, so I decided to let it play out and enjoy the moment.

So, I’m sitting at a shiny black table in Rhode Island Dolls talking to a sexy blonde stripper. I know she can sense my shyness, but it didn’t matter because she knew how to spark up a conversation. (I’ve got to remember the things that she said so I can do the same thing when I’m out on a real date.) This erotic dancer was smoking hot, with a red dress drenched in sparkling diamonds, strappy high heels with a cute little gold buckle around her ankle, and long and shiny blonde hair that smelled like lilacs.

When she asked me if I wanted a private dance, I couldn’t say no. So she led me over to a special area in the club that was a little more discreet. She sat next to me and held my hand while she whispered in my ear that she thought I was cute. She said that after tonight, I wouldn’t even remember my ex-girlfriend’s name. Then she stood up, took a few steps back, and began her special dance just for me.

I loved watching her silky body move to the music. She looked like a snake charmer, but without the snake. Picture Selma Hayek in “Dusk Till Dawn”, but with blonde hair, and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Sex just oozed out of her unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. When she got close to me, I mean, really close, I could hear her heartbeat. I had to cover my crotch several times to stay in control. I think she took that as a compliment because it only made her grind into me harder as she licked her ruby-red lips. I even had to hold my breath a few times just to prevent myself from getting an erection.

The next thing I know, blondie’s friend comes over. She’s a sexy red haired college student looking to experiment. I pulled out some money and asked her to join us. I was suddenly overcoming my shyness towards women and I wanted as many naked girls around me as I could. As the ginger exotic dancer got naked on my lap, her porcelain white skin practically glowed. It was so smooth and soft, it was hard to keep my hands to myself. I started flirting with the girls, telling them how pretty they were, and their little giggles turned me on even more.

When the song was over, I needed to quench my thirst with a cold beer. But I wasn’t ready to go home yet. I spotted two other strippers that I wanted to enjoy before the end of the night, so I dug down deep to gather the courage to approach them and ask for a double lap dance. They didn’t hesitate and were on their feet before I could even exhale. I picked the same plush couch I sat on for my previous show with the blonde and redheaded Dolls. This dance was just as great as the other ones. These two girls looked like they loved each other just as much as they loved to dance for me. My favorite part of this dance was having one girl sitting on each thigh, rubbing themselves one my jeans. Then they leaned in and kissed each other so I could see their silky tongues tasting and licking. It was very erotic.

Yes, I felt horny. But I also felt empowered. Thanks to my fantasy at Rhode Island Dolls, I had my mojo back and I wasn’t afraid of getting out there and meeting girls. I don’t need to find a wife, I just want to have fun. And this Friday I’m going to RI Dolls in real life and I’m going to have a blast.