Follow The Rainbow To RI Dolls This St. Paddy’s Day

I’ve always thought that the only thing St. Patrick’s Day was good for is drinking green beer. I also share the same belief of many others that it’s the one day a year where it’s acceptable to get drunk. Even if you’re not Irish, why not celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a frothy beer and some sexy women dressed in Green? That’s what I’ll be doing this year on St. Paddy’s Day. You’ll find me at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket. 

My pot of gold at the end of the rainbow are the strippers at RI Dolls. This year, I’m getting to the strip club early so I don’t miss anything. I want to arrive before the dinner rush so I can fill my stomach with the outstanding food served at the club. Then, I’ll watch the girls slide around on the pole and choose a Doll for my first private dance of the evening. I can see it now, the girl I choose will be wearing something sexy and green to celebrate the holiday.  She’ll be like my own personal leprechaun teasing me with her pot of gold.

I like the strippers to start out slow, so I’ll whisper in her ear how beautiful she is and tell her not to strip too fast. I will watch her dance around me in her cute little outfit, with her tantalizing perfume whirling around me.  That sweet scent puts me right in the mood for some adult fun with this sexy exotic dancer. With curves in all the right places, I’ll watch closely as she sways her body in front of me. She knows exactly what to do to push my buttons.

With a wink and a nod to my beautiful stripper, she slowly begins to take off her sparkly green costume. First she’ll un-do her top, as she steps closer to me and begins to dance more provocatively. As the first song comes to an end, she’ll slide the bottom half of her costume down her legs and gently step out of it as soon as it hits the floor. Her legs are smooth and muscular, just like a ballerina. Her firm body proves she is fit and healthy. And the sensual way she dances tells me that she really enjoys dancing for people.

As I continue to fantasize what this St. Paddy’s Day will be like at Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club, a smile explodes across my face and a hotness grows in my pants. I close my eyes and imagine my little leprechaun stripper naked in front of me, gently grinding and dancing between my legs. Her flowing red hair whips around and sweeps against my cheek. It feels like silk and smells like apples. As she straddles my lap, I ask her if I can touch her hair. She says yes, so I wrap a long curl around my finger a few times before letting go. I don’t want to take advantage of her kindness.

As the song comes to an end, I reach into my pockets for some cash. One by one I place a bill into her green, glittery garter. Then, she thanks me with both her words and her sultry dance moves. This is one of the best strip teases I’ve ever imagined. It makes me even more excited for the real thing when I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at RI Dolls.

With a fantasy lap dance as good as that one, I have nothing better to do so I’ll keep imagining what my next trip to the strip club will be like. I know I’ll have a few more green beers and enjoy the scenery at the bar. With several poles for hot girls to dance on, I have to decide which one to focus on. That’s hard when all the strippers are as hot as the ones you see at Rhode Island Dolls. But, personally, I like a more intimate setting so I’ll sit next to one of the smaller stages.

With a glass full of green beer, I watch the next girl slink out onto the small platform and twirl around the silver pole. She was just as beautiful as my little leprechaun. She had shiny brown hair and a tan body that would knock any guy’s socks off. She didn’t waste any time and quickly stripped down to her birthday suit as she showed off her amazing acrobatic moves on the stripper pole.

Just as things were getting good, I was jolted back to reality with the sound of a slamming door. My roommate was home. I’m going to talk to him about coming with me to Rhode Island Dolls this St. Patrick’s Day. Since we’ve both been there before, I know it won’t take much to convince him.