Foot Fetish Fantasies With Rhode Island Dolls

Most guys go to strip clubs like Rhode Island Dolls to see naked girls, eat good food, and drink quenching cocktails. But I am not as interested in naked strippers as I am with naked feet. Yes, I have a foot fetish. I’ve never been to a strip club or gentlemen’s club like RI Dolls in Woonsocket, RI, but I have a feeling I’d love it. I can picture it in my mind as clear as day…..

I walk into RI Dolls on a Friday night with some friends. We find an empty table and sit down in the plush chairs. Within no time, a scantily clad waitress comes over and takes our order. In less than 3 minutes, we have cold drinks in front of us, and we’re all smiling. But, instead of looking at all the sexy Dolls walking around like my friends are, I’m looking at all the sexy Doll’s pretty painted toes. Every single erotic dancer has sexy feet, and I am excited to see some up close.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think that I’m weird, so I indulge in some manly activities, like tipping the stripper on the nearest pole, guzzling a beer, and flirting with the girls walking the floor. Deep down inside I really just want to get a private dance so I can look at some feet. Luckily, Rhode Island Dolls doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable, as long as you behave yourself and act respectably. It doesn’t take long for me to pick a Doll for my first dance.

I’d go for a light-brown haired beauty with a tan body and painted toe nails. In my mind, she’s wearing a little blue halter top that sparkled in the club lights flashing above. A matching light blue skirt that falls to her ankles doesn’t actually hide much because it has a huge slit up to her smooth thigh. Of course, shoes are important. Any type of open-toed heals are my favorite type of shoe to see on a stripper, so that’s what my fantasy girl at RI Dolls would be wearing. Her hair would be long and blowing in the breeze that only she could feel in my dream.

My special dancer would take me by the hand over to the plush animal print couches and gently push my shoulder until I sat down. I wiped the sweat off my palms by rubbing my thighs as I waited for her dance to begin. Since we had a bit of time until the song started, I took the opportunity to tell my dream girl that I loved her feet and that I hoped she’d show them to me more during the dance. She winked, then smiled at me. I practically melted because she was so hot.

When the next song started, the exotic dancer began to move to the beat. Instead of immediately taking her clothes off, she lifted her leg up and pointed her toes on the top of my knee. My eyes went straight to her tootsies and I was impressed. Her toes were perfect, with the big toe being the tallest, and each subsequent toe a little smaller than the previous one. I can tell if a girl has had a pedicure, and this Doll definitely did. Her skin is silky soft and smooth, her toes are perfectly manicured, and her nail polish doesn’t have a scratch or chip.

As the pace of the song picked up she starts to rub her foot on my leg. It was so hot, I have trouble staying focused. Then, she begins to strip and I am amazed at how sexy her body is. Since it’s my fantasy, I dreamed my stripper is perfect. With a quick flick of one hand, her top folded down over her breasts.  She shook her breasts slightly, as if to prove to me they were real. Before I realized it, she stepped out of her gown and is completely naked in front of me. She is real close to me and her dance moves prove she is having just as much fun as I am. She is so close, I can smell her shampoo, which smells like a fresh bouquet of spring flowers.

As the song wraps up, she sits down next to me on the sofa and starts rubbing my arm with her feet. Then she rubs my thigh with her feet. Then, completely surprising me, she lifts up her right foot and touches the side of my face, runs her big toe down my neck and over my chest.

It was amazing. I can only hope this is what it will really be like when I go to Rhode Island Dolls for the first time. Yeah, I may have a slight foot fetish, but I can still appreciate a beautiful female when I see one. And if she doesn’t mind a little foot play, it’s even better.