Gentleman’s Club Etiquette when the RI Dolls are Dancing

Etiquette at Rhode Island Dolls Strip ClubRegardless of the reason that you are heading out to see the girls at RI Dolls, there are some expectations of you when at the gentlemen’s club. Consider it etiquette, consider it manners, no matter, it’s important that you behave yourself so that you will be welcome to come back again in the future. Gentlemen implies that you will behave yourself and follow proper society rules so if you are not sure what they are, consider this a refresher course.

Don’t Touch

While this may seem obvious, many people still try to touch when they shouldn’t be. Some light touching may be permitted but it is best to ask an exotic dancer, especially if she is giving you a private dance. Other staff at the strip club likely can give you some guidance if you are too shy to ask the RI Dolls yourself. Remember, she is already grinding on you if she is giving you a lap dance and she is touching you, that should be enough.

The Women Won’t Go Home With You

So do not even try to get them to. They are there to do a job, not to go home with you and do whatever you want. Give them a tip and if you like them, come back again to support them. Part of the attraction to strip clubs and the strippers is the fantasy, if the woman were to go home with you, the fantasy would end. No one wants that as that is a large reason of why men go to the strip clubs.

Location, Location

Real estate is important in the strip club. If you take a chair near the front and the stage, it means you are going tip the exotic dancers, and tip well. If you take one of these spots and do not tip, you may be asked to move to a different location. You do not want that to happen. There are many other good seats that you can sit in that will not require you to give large tips to the strippers. If you are not sure if you will enjoy the dancer or you may have to leave halfway through the show, do not sit up front. It will insult the dancer if you leave in the middle of their performance.

Stay In Your Chair

The women are being paid to dance and as a result, they make sure that they look good doing it. They do not want to dance with you, they are a solo act. Stay in your chair and enjoy the show but do not try to become a part of it. You will only embarrass yourself and possibly get booted out of the club.

Leave Before Closing

It is best to leave before the end of the night and the lights come on when you are in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. The lights are off during the night and the neon lights serve a purpose. But if you are there when the regular lights come on, your impression of your favorite dancer may change. The purple neon lights cover up many flaws and marks on a person’s body. You do not want your fantasy to be ruined by the harsh lights.

Dress Appropriately

If you are heading to the club and you know that you get easily “excited” it is a good idea to make sure that you are wearing briefs, preferably ones that are a little bit tighter. This will help to keep things down which can help prevent embarrassment if the dancers or your buddies notice. A long shirt is also a good idea as it can help to cover up anything that may happen.

Put on fresh clothing and a bit of cologne but do not bathe in it. If you choose to buy a private dance, your exotic dancer does not want to spell like you the rest of the night. Khakis or dockers are a good choice for pants as they will not chafe the way that jeans may during a dance. Sweatpants are not acceptable dress, no matter if they just came out of the wash.

Give Praise

Let the RI Dolls know that you enjoyed the performance. While they are likely more interested in your money than in your applause, it is still appreciated. If you have a chance to talk to the dancer later, let her know that you enjoyed the show and if there was a particular move that you enjoyed. Leave the hooting and whistling for sporting events.