Get More RI Dolls Dancers to Spend Time with You with These Tips

Wish that special dancer at Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI would spend more time with you? If there’s a lot of people at the gentlemen’s club, it can be hard to get your favorite dancer’s attention.

Sometimes, having a conversation can keep them interested enough to stick around, but keep in mind that they are there to earn money so don’t completely take up all their time if you have no intention of doing that. But if you are going to talk to the dancers at RI Dolls, keep these things in mind:

Topics to Avoid with Strippers

Personal – Anything on a very personal level is off limits.  While she may want to tell you the answer, there are still some lines that should not be crossed between client and dancer and ultimately, you are a client.  For instance, asking her about a boyfriend is not a good topic to discuss.  Chances are, even if she does not have one, she is going to tell you that she does as that is the safe answer in this industry. 

Off time – What she does in her off time is another topic that is off limits.  Again, even though your intentions may be innocent, due to the type of people that she meets in her line of work, she is not likely to divulge this information.  She may also just give you some generic answers that do not tell you much about her.

How she enjoys her job – Just like someone in any job, if you are a client asking how the person enjoys their job, you are likely not to get a completely honest answer.  This is just as true with an exotic dancer as anyone else.  They want to keep their job as they have expenses that they need the money for.  Do not put your favorite exotic dancer into this position as you never know who may be listening to your conversation.

Safe Topics for Discussion at a Gentlemen’s Club

If you are wondering what you can discuss with the strippers at RI Dolls, a general guideline is that anything that is not personal is a safe topic to discuss.

Dancing – For instance, maybe you want to talk to her about dancing, especially if it is something that you enjoy in your downtime. You could ask her about her background in dancing such as where she went to school or how long she has been dancing.   You could ask her about other dancing she does or dancing that she might like to learn. 

Movies – Another safe topic is to ask about any of her favorite movies to watch.    You might be surprised as to what her favorite movie is, it might be a gory horror movie or it might be a gooey romance that makes her cry every time.  No matter what you ask her about movies, chances are this is a topic that she can easily discuss whether it is her favorite type of movie or the type that she does her best to avoid. 

Sports – There are a lot of women that enjoy sports and your favorite exotic dancer may be one of those.  Ask her if she has a favorite sports or team that she loves to watch.  Maybe they are playing during her shift, you could ask her to sit with you and watch for a little bit.

Local Events – Depending on where you live in Rhode Island, there can be many events going on in your area no matter what time of year it is.  Why not ask her if she has had a chance to take any of them in or if she is still planning to go? 

20 Questions – You could play a simple game of 20 questions with your favorite RI Dolls stripper.  Fast and easy questions such as a favorite color, favorite season, favorite type of food or other questions that are generic and impersonal could be fun.  Be prepared to answer the same questions yourself.

One thing to be careful with when discussing any of the above topics at the strip club is to not make it seem that you are asking her to go with you. That is a line she cannot cross and she does not want to have to turn you down and upset you.