Get Your Wife to Join You at RI Dolls with These 10 Tips

Woonsocket Strip ClubLots of men would love it if their girlfriends or wives would go to the strip club with them. It’s not about getting them to do something they don’t want to do. It’s about seeing them get excited. It’s like a long slow night of foreplay! If you’ve been curious about what it would be like and want to take your wife or girlfriend to Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI with you, here’s some tips to convince her that it is a great idea:

#1 Let her know you can leave whenever she wants. If she knows that you’re willing to leave if she’s not having a good time, she’ll be a lot more relaxed. She’ll understand that it’s not just about you and she’ll know that you genuinely hope she’ll have a good time.

#2 Tell your wife that she can be in charge of the evening, and nothing will happen that she doesn’t want to happen.  This will make her feel more comfortable because she’ll know you won’t do anything that will upset her, but if you do, she can tell you to stop and you won’t be angry.

#3 Let her know that you both can talk to the dancers first to get to know them a little bit, which will help her ease into the experience. Only then, if she wants, she can tip a dancer,  have a lap dance, or watch you have a lap dance.

#4 Let her choose where you sit in RI Dolls. With so many seating options, she can choose to sit at a nice table a little bit farther back from the stage so she can see everything from a comfortable distance, or she can sit up close and get in the middle of all the action on the main stage.

#5 Remind your wife that strippers are normal people like you and her, many of them are working their way through school or earning an income at night so they can spend time with their family during the day. They are clean and respectable women, not disease-infested drug addicts seeking their next quick fix.

#6 Explain to her that Rhode Island Dolls is a gentlemen’s club and not a dirty, back-ally strip club. All the dancers are dressed up, and so aren’t the patrons in the club. It’s very tasteful adult entertainment.

#7  Let your wife be the one to dish out the tips. This could help her feel more in control of the situation, and she won’t feel any apprehension when watching you slip a crinkled bill underneath a garter.

#8 If she’s worried she might see someone she knows, tell her not to worry. The chances are slim-to-none that she’ll see someone she knows at the strip club, but if she does, remind her that person is there too, and she could say the same things about that person.  No one will judge her for doing something that they themselves are also doing.

#9 Also, promise her that you won’t pressure her into doing anything she doesn’t want to do. If she’s not comfortable having a private dance, then she doesn’t have to have one. Also, ask her if she minds if you have a lap dance before you dish out the cash for one. If she does mind, then follow her wishes. You can still have a lot of fun at a strip club without getting a lap dance.

#10 Finally, remind your wife that she doesn’t have to worry about you liking the erotic dancers more than you love her. Talk to her about the rules of a strip club, like no touching, kissing, and no sexual acts. Tell her it’s just something sexy to look at and fantasize about, but she is the only woman for you. Remind her that there is nothing to worry about because you are there with her, you will have a blast in an adult-only atmosphere, and you’ll be going home with her.

These are only ten different things you can talk to your wife about to convince her to come to Rhode Island Dolls with you. Depending on your wife’s personality, you can probably come up with even more ways to get her to go with you. The key is to make her feel good about going, and explain that it’s not something to be embarrassed or ashamed of. Millions of couples visit strip clubs every year for good reason, they have a blast and it spices up their marriage. Let visiting RI Dolls spice up your marriage, too!