Girls Enjoy Corporate Christmas Parties At RI Dolls, Too

Girls Enjoy Corporate Christmas Parties At RI Dolls, TooAs a woman working with a group of guys at a small company, I often feel left out of corporate events because they are geared towards events for men. For this year’s corporate Christmas party, I found out it was being held at the Rhode Island Dolls gentlemen’s club in Woonsocket, RI. At first I just rolled my eyes and marked it off as another guy’s only event. I didn’t plan on going. . But, I’ve never been to a strip club before. I started to think about what it would be like if I did go. I expect to be stared at when I walked into RI Dolls, because there wouldn’t be too many other women there other than the strippers.

I know we’ll have a delicious meal, because I’ve heard the food at RI Dolls is amazing. And I’ll have a few chocolate martinis, which are my favorite. As I started to think about these details, I started fantasizing about watching the sexy girls walking around serving our drinks. Then I thought about the girls dancing on the stage. I imagined this hot blonde with a tight blue gown twirling around. But once her dress came off and the music got faster, she turned into a dirty bird who was flashing her kitty to the whole crowd. But there was something empowering about it all. I leaned forward without even realizing it. When one of the guys got up for a lap dance, I took his seat at the front of the table. Now I could see everything.

The next thing I know, the stripper is looking right at me. She elegantly lifts her arm up and points to me. Then turns her hand and that pointer finger starts to motion me to come to her. I look around wondering if she was really talking to me. She nodded her head yes. So I slowly got up and walked over to her. When I reached the edge of the main stage, she whispered in my ear to ask if I wanted to put on a little show with her. I was afraid of what she’d do, but I couldn’t say no.

As the next song started, she strutted around the stage in her birthday suit. Her tight body shimmering in the bright stage lights. She came back to me, took one of the dollar bills I was holding in my hand, and put a corner in side in my mouth. She did a little dance, then bent over and pushed my face between her huge breasts and shook them around. It was like two soft pillows rubbing each side of my face. She smelled of vanilla and light musk, which actually turned me on a little. Then she placed one hand on each side of her boobs and pushed them together. As she pulled back, the dollar came out of my mouth and was in her cleavage. The audience was yelling and clapping, and I had a huge smile on my face. I was embarrassed, but I liked it at the same time. When the stripper took the dollar bill out of her cleavage, she once again handed it to me and asked me to put it in her garter. I took the bill, folded it half the long way, then slipped it under the pink garter that was hugging her smooth thigh.

I started to walk away, but she touched my shoulder and told me that she wasn’t done with me yet. Once again, the audience was hooting and hollering, including the guys from work. She took my hand and led me up the steps to the stage, then asked me to lay down with my arms slightly stretched to the side. After a few sensual dance moves, the exotic dancer straddled me. She bent forward, stuck her bum out, and swung her hair around. Then she put each foot on the either side of my head, got down on her knees, and pretended that she was riding on my face. Although it was pretend, her naked bottom was only inches away. I could see her flower, and I loved it.


When I got up and left the stage to the expert erotic dancers at RI Dolls, I went back to my seat. The smiles on my co-workers faces were priceless. I started smiling in real life. And when my fantasy was over, my mind was made up. I would go to the corporate Christmas party at RI Dolls, and I’d have a blast.