Great Accessories for Dancers at RI Dolls During the Holiday Season

Being a dancer can be fun, especially around the holidays. This is because, although you get to dress up in sexy clothes every night when dancing at a strip club, you can add some holiday cheer by adding some holiday themed accessories. When thinking of the type of accessories to add, try being creative with your look. Don’t try to look like the other dancers at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

Santa Hats

Santa hats can make a sexy accessory when dressing up for the holiday season. They are easy to make or cheap to buy. Whether you add a personal touch to the one you are wearing or decide to just wear a plain old Santa hat, you will look good no matter what.

Bells on your shoes

Wearing bells on your shoes can make you look like a sexy little elf. Try to add some awesome holiday lights to them to make them more Christmassy. Wearing bells on your shoes can also give your customers warning that you are coming out to dance for them because they will hear you walking and dancing. This will ensure you get the best tips of the night as well.

Holiday colored bra and panties

Make sure your bra and panties you decide to wear when dancing are green and red. Add some white in there too for the color of snow. This will add some holiday cheer to your lingerie and make your customers happy and in the mood to tip you really well. Add some candy canes so your customers can take them out of your clothes and put money in.

Dress like an elf

Dressing like an elf can bring some holiday cheer to you and your customers as well. Whether you wear green elf clothes or red elf clothes or both, you will be sure to bring a lot of tips in. Dressing like an elf can make your customers happy and ensure they provide you with a lot of tips. You customers will be happy that you are dressing like an elf and you will be happy that they are tipping you well.

Candy cane earrings

A dancer at a strip club has to have earrings on too to make sure her outfit is complete. Why not add some candy cane earrings for the holiday season? This will make you look and feel more in the holiday spirit.

Elf tipped shoes

The elves wear their shoes with tips on them and you can too. Add some bells to those tips and you will definitely look like a cute little elf. You can also add some red and green cotton balls to them to complete the accessory.

Mistletoe jewelry

Wearing mistletoe jewelry will make any customer happy. Add them to your hair, your earrings, your necklace, and even add some mistletoe to your shoes or your clothes and this will make your customers want to give you a holiday kiss on the cheek and slip some money into your hands at the same time.

Halo on your head

Want to look like the angel on top of your Christmas tree? Add a sparkling halo to your head and you will look like the angel that you are. This will be sure to bring in the tips.

Holiday lights on your clothes

Wearing sexy red and green lingerie won’t be complete without the holiday lights strung around your sexy bra and panties outfit. You will look like a Christmas tree which will make your customers want to tip you well or stick gifts under where you are dancing. They may even take some gifts and put them in your dressing room.

Naughty and Nice List

Add your name to the naughty and nice list for Santa Clause and attach it to your clothes. Make sure to let your customers know you have been nice and good and that Santa is coming to see you this year with the gifts you asked for. Once your customers see your name on the nice list, they will tip you well for this.

Wearing the best accessories during the holiday season will surprise your customers and make them want to tip you well. You should be making good money during this time of year, especially with the different accessories you decide to wear for them when dancing at the gentlemen’s club. Being an exotic dancer at a strip club during the Christmas season can ensure you make the most tips during Christmas time than out of the rest of the year.