Hair Trimming Tips For Rhode Island Dolls Dancers

Life can get busy when you’re a dancer at RI Dolls in Woonsocket, Rhode Island and sometimes you just don’t have time to get to the hair dressers. You notice that you might have a split end or two or your hair just needs a little shaping up and you make a note to get your hair done…and then life gets hectic again and forget. It happens to everyone at some point. You look at those scissors and you think, “Should I?” It sounds like a risky thing to do but it’s not really as big of a deal as you might think.

Basic Tips

  • Use the right tools – A wide-toothed comb allows you to brush hair so that it lies flat without static. Sharp scissors designed for cutting hair will give you a crisp cut for about $10.
  • Soften the edge – If you don’t want a blunt edge after you’ve cut your hair, go back and “chip” into ends with the scissors for a more feathery look and feel. 
  • Leave it longer than you want – It’s easier to trim off a little more if you haven’t trimmed enough, then it is to trim off too much and not be happy with the results. 
  • Waves and curls are more forgiving – If you have wavy or curly hair, you will have an easier time cutting your hair because people won’t be able to notice a rouge hair like they would if you had bone-straight hair.
  • Have a friend help you – If possible, don’t cut your hair alone when you’re doing it for the first or second time. Ask your husband, boyfriend, friend, or another Doll to look at your hair from behind to make sure it’s nice and even.

Ready to cut your hair now? Here are three simple cuts that you can do on your own.

Basic Bangs:

This time, you should have wet hair. It’s too easy to miss short, stray fringe when it’s dry. This method will give you a more natural cut that doesn’t look blunt. 

  1. Pull your bangs together in the center of your forehead. Use the bridge of your nose to as a guide to center your gathered bangs. 
  2. Twist your bangs 5 times.
  3. Make an even cut along the bottom of the twisted hair at a spot that’s a little longer than your desired length. 
  4. Let go of your hair and comb it out. Check the length. If your bangs are still too long, repeat the process. Remember when your hair dries, it will shrink even more, so don’t cut too much off.

For A Straight Cut:

This can be done with wet or dry hair. 

  1. Comb your hair until there are no knots or tangles. 
  2. Look down to the floor and comb all your hair to the back and put it into a low ponytail with a scrunchie or elastic.
  3. Pull the elastic or scrunchie down the length of your hair — to just above where you want to cut. Make sure to keep your hair straight as you pull down so when you make the cut, your hair will be even. If you find that you are pulling the scrunchie slightly to the left or the right, you may want to have someone help you. 
  4. Carefully bring the scrunchie over your shoulder, so you can see it well. 
  5. Trim the tip of the ponytail off with scissors. Repeat this process at least one more time to make sure you cut all the hairs evenly. 

For A V-Shaped Cut:

This is easier than the method above. Again, it can be done with wet or dry hair. 

  1. After combing all the knots and snarls out of your hair, part it in the middle all the way down the back of your head. 
  2. Pull each side of hair to the front, over your shoulders. 
  3. Comb your hair again to make sure all hairs are lying in the same direction. 
  4. Look straight forward for a “medium” V-shape. Look up to the ceiling for a slighter V-shape. Look to the floor for a deeper V-shape.
  5. Start with the left side, use your index and middle finger to hold the end of your hair tightly. 
  6. Once you have a firm hold, you can look down to see what you’re cutting.
  7. Gently lift your hand holding your hair up a bit so you can see, and then cut the desired length of hair off. 
  8. Repeat the process for the right side of your hair. 
  9. Comb both sides again to make sure they are even. If not, trim off more hair.