Hairstyles for Exotic Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls

hairstyles-for-exotic-dancersStrippers at gentlemen’s clubs, like Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI provide a service for the customers that visit the establishment. Customers are looking for a fantasy. They are looking for something that they know is not real but helps them to get away from the reality of their lives or step into another life for a short time. And a lot of that fantasy has to do with the way that you look.

Appearance can include your costumes and your makeup and your shoes but your hair plays a big role in building a fantasy, too. There are loads of different things that you can do with your hair in order to create a pleasurable experience for your clients. Take some time to experiment with different hairstyles that will suit the fantasy that you are trying to portray to your customers and you’ll find that when you are successful, they will come back for more.

Long Hair

A good percentage of the men of this world love long hair. That’s a good thing because with long hair, you have that many more options for styling it.

One of the favorite long hair styles is the tousled look. You know what I mean. That messy long hair look that makes it seem like you just got out of bed, also known as the JBF look – just been f*&ked! It’s a hot style and it’s not hard to achieve if you practice. The trick is to dry your hair as you usually do after washing but stop while it’s still damp. Velcro curlers rolled into your hair and a bit of hair spray will help you finish the look. Let it finish drying naturally and then take out the curlers and separate the hair with your fingers. If you want a bit more volume, tease your hair at the base of your head a bit. A little more hair spray and you’re good to go. If you don’t have Velcro curlers, a large barreled hair curler can do the same thing.

Sleek and sexy hair is also a great look for long haired dancers at RI Dolls. All you need is a hair straightener and a bit of patience. Straightening long hair can take some time but it is well worth it. Once your hair is dry, separate it into two parts – top and bottom. Pin up the top section so it isn’t in the way and straighten the bottom section, little by little. Once you’re done with that, separate the top into sections again, pin the top, and straighten. Finally, straighten the last section. The result is soft and shiny straight hair that really moves with you.

Alternatively, if you don’t like to have your hair in your face while you dance you can go with a messy bun with loose wisps of hair at the side or a pony tail – but make sure that it suits your overall look.

Short Hair

Dancers with short hair can indulge in a man’s fantasy as easily as long haired dancers. If you want a style that has more flexibility, don’t go too short. Something shoulder length can still give your room for variety. With gel, hairspray, hair mud, and other styling tools, you can get creative with your hairstyles.

Other options for girls with short hair include using extensions for temporarily long hair or hair pieces or even wigs. You can have fun with your short hair by using hats and scarves and barrettes, too. Or you can dye your hair funky colors using temporary hair dye.

A good hair style is only limited by your imagination. Dancers at Rhode Island Dolls can keep the attention of the customers easily if they have fun with different hair styles and really build into that fantasy in the clients mind. Don’t get stuck in a rut. If you’re not sure what to do, go and visit a professional hair stylist and tell them if you don’t want to lose a lot of length. They can give you a fun look that will be a change of pace. And remember, hair grows back, so don’t be afraid to go short for a period of time. As it grows you’ll find new and interesting things to do with your look, so getting a cut shorter than you normally would can force you to step outside of your comfort zone!