Halloween Costumes for 2018

Halloween is only a little over a month away and it is never too early to figure out what kind of costume you are going to dress up as. And you might want to put some extra effort into it this year because Rhode Island Dolls in Woonsocket, RI is hosting a Halloween party and offering $500 for the best costumes – one $250 prize for staff and one $250 prize for customers. What will you dress up as this year?

If you’re looking to win one of the prizes, here’s some ideas for costumes for this coming Halloween!

For Her

  1. Domino – Deadpool 2’s Domino is sexy and hot and you’re sure to get some attention if you dress like her!
  2. Gamora – you can make some green face paint and a tight black costume look hot when you dress as Gamora from Gaurdians of the Galaxy. Dye your hair purple or add a wig to complete the look
  3. Poison Ivy – Not the Drew Barrymore Poison Ivy (although that could be a hot costume too if you pull on a red dress and pull your hair up!) but the Poison Ivy of Gotham City Siren’s – it’s sure to be a hit with some bright red hair and some green foilage pasted to a body suit.
  4. Riverdale Cheerleader – what’s hotter than a cheerleader? A Riverdale cheerleader of course. And it is super simple to put together, too. Just grab some tube socks, some tiny black shorts, and a baseball shirt with yellow sleeves. Put your hair in pony tails and you’re ready to go.
  5. Jigsaw – you might not have thought of this character in the movie, Saw, as sexy but if you add some garters and a peek-a-boo bra to that red bow tie, use a little imagination, you could be surprised!
  6. Misty – If you’re into Pokemon, you should dress as the coolest girl in the game – Misty. All you need is a pair of jean shorts, a cropped yellow top, and some red suspenders. And of course, don’t forget to bring your pokeball along and maybe even your favorite pokemon character.
  7. Nakia – Black Panther’s beautiful character of Nakia is both strong and sexy. With some gold fabric you could create a very sexy costume.

For Him

  1. Aquaman – if you’ve got the body, show it off with a sexy outfit that shows off those biceps. Get a dreadlock wig and you’ll be simmering hot!
  2. Cop – you can’t go wrong dressed as a cop with a tight fitting uniform and some handcuffs at your side!
  3. Sons of Anarchy Biker – a little leather and some biker shades and some tattoos (even if they are fake!) turn you into one hot bad boy that the ladies will love.
  4. Scottish dude – throw on a kilt and let the ladies guess what’s underneath!
  5. Youngblood Priest – dress as this Superfly drug dealer with a leather trench, black pants and a black turtleneck and the women will be high off your look.

If you are still having a hard time trying to think of what to dress up as for the RI Dolls Halloween party, just remember, imagination is the name of the game. You can make any classic costume sexy. You might consider:

  • Sexy vampire
  • Sexy mummy (who says you have to cover everything up?)
  • Sexy clown
  • Sexy nurse
  • Sexy construction worker
  • Sexy limo driver
  • Sexy witch
  • Sexy demon
  • Sexy zombie
  • Sexy pumpkin
  • Sexy nun
  • Sexy firefighter
  • Sexy lumberjack

Just use less fabric and show more skin!

The Rhode Island Dolls Halloween party takes place on Thursday, October 25th and all the staff will be dressed up. Can’t you imagine what those beautiful dolls are going to come up with? Customers that come dressed in costume will pay nothing for cover charge.

There is also going to be specialty Halloween cocktails and loads of complimentary junk food that you likely don’t need – but Halloween is all about the treats isn’t it?

Halloween is always a fun time at RI Dolls. There’s load of fun and our dancers will be there to make sure that you are entertained. Come on in, have some spookily good food, have a few drinks, and maybe even get a sexy lap dance from your favorite ghoul of the night!