Halloween Fever at RI Dolls

Halloween Fever at RI DollsHalloween fever seems to be everywhere! No matter where you go, there are Halloween decorations in people’s yards and on doors, stores with displays of candy and costumes, and excited kids talking about who they’re going to be for Halloween and how much candy they think they’re going to get.

Sure, Halloween can be a fun time for kids, but what about adults? Most adults are busy working and they don’t get to relax enough to think about going out for Halloween to do anything. They aren’t planning costumes or looking forward to trick – or – treating with their friends. This means that for many, Halloween becomes something that kids enjoy and is the source of fond memories while others simply want to sit at home and avoid answering the door because they just want to relax, too tired and stressed from the day to even think about celebrating Halloween.

At RI Dolls, Halloween is even more fun for adults than it ever was for kids! What makes Halloween special at RI Dolls? Every year, we have a great party that you’re sure to enjoy. This year the party is being held on October 25. No complaining that it’s usually a work night – this is one party that you aren’t going to want to miss (and if you really have to, you can always leave early but you aren’t going to want to.)

Best Costume Wins

You’re going to want to show up to the RI Dolls Halloween party in costume and you’re going to want to find the best costume you can. This isn’t like your average costume party – no sitting around watching bad horror movies here! You’ll be spending the evening partying with the beautiful RI Dolls dancers who will be dressed up as angels, devils, and more. How many costume parties have you been to where you get to spend the evening with some of the most beautiful women around? As an added benefit, if you come in costume you can forget the cover fees. Better yet, the one who has the best costume wins a cash prize!

Free Food

Not sure what you’re going to be doing for dinner on the night of the party? Worried about your diet? Halloween is all about fun! Forget counting calories or figuring out how to get the timer on the oven to work. Come to the party and enjoy all the free junk food you can eat. Is it good for you? No, not really. Is it free and does it taste good? Yes! Even better, you’ll be eating while relaxing with your friends, having fun, and enjoying the night with the dolls. You have to admit: it’s a great way to blow your diet for an evening. You’ll even be able to enjoy cocktails during special giveaways all night long.

Lose the Stress

Life is hard. For most people, every single day is filled with stress. It might be stress over work, money, or family. Sometimes it might be trouble with the car or with classes at college. Our Halloween party at RI Dolls is the perfect way to get rid of stress, at least for the evening. Leave all of your worries behind at the door when you come in and let the dolls help you have a great time. You can dress up as your favorite superhero, a pirate, or anything else you can think of and just have some fun. You can be a kid again without a care in the world while having plenty of adult fun.

Safe Can Be Fun

Some people are afraid to go to costume parties. They may feel that there are too many people in costume they don’t know or recognize. At parties they know are safe, such as ones held at a workplace, things tend to be boring. Many men don’t want to admit these fears, but you don’t need to worry about someone drinking a little too much. At RI Dolls, there’s no need to worry about whether you can really let your guard down. The dolls, employees, and our customers are all as safe as can be and you never have to wonder whether someone will be there to help if something does happen to get out of hand. For a Halloween party that is sure to be out of this world, there’s no safer place to relax than at RI Dolls.

Check out our calendar for more details on the Halloween Party!