Help Us Fight Breast Cancer at the Topless Car Wash

topless-car-washBreast cancer is a sobering thing. It’s one of those conditions that no one wants to talk about or think about, but one that we all need to have in mind. It’s a disease that affects men and women alike and has no concern as to who it attacks. Some have no idea what the potential signs are, something they need to know in order to catch it early. But you can help us raise awareness about breast cancer!

And have a fantastic time with the Rhode Island dolls of course. We aren’t going to forget about having a great time with the girls!

How can you help your favorite strippers and gentleman’s club in Woonsocket, Rhode Island raise money for breast cancer awareness?

By bringing your car or bike to our Topless car wash! No one likes to have a dirty car or bike. No one likes having to wash their own car either. Imagine having a beautiful exotic dancer washing your windshield. Or maybe imagine having a pair of strippers wearing next to nothing as they scrub your bike clean. Now, imagine the beautiful girls washing your vehicle topless. Yeah, fun thought isn’t it?

RI Dolls will be holding the Topless car wash in the parking lot Saturday, August 10. You can find us at 579 Front Street in Woonsocket. The event is sponsored by the newest full service car wash in Woonsocket: So Fresh & So Clean. There will be free giveaways from 94HJY, so make sure that you stop by so that you can not only join in on the car wash fun but also win a prize.

You can enjoy the topless fun between 1 and 3 pm Saturday, August 10. If you want to see the beautiful girls who work at our strip club topless and washing your car, make sure that you show up then! It’s bound to be the hottest car wash in Rhode Island, maybe the hottest car wash of the summer!

Don’t save the topless car wash fun just for yourself! Make sure that you let your buddies know. Tell anyone who might be interested in having their cars washed by the beautiful exotic dancers at Rhode Island Dolls. Does a relative have a birthday coming up? Give them the gift of a car wash by the dancers. Or maybe you know a friend who’s having a rough time. A topless car wash given by some of the most beautiful women in Rhode Island might be just the thing they need to cheer right up!

It’s a great cause and all of the proceeds from the car wash will go to breast cancer awareness. Plus you’ll get your car washed without having to do it yourself. And, while you’re watching the dolls clean your car, take advantage of the food and drinks that we will have ready and waiting for you outside! So you can sip a cold drink and have some lunch while you relax and watch the girls work.

Come by at 1pm to enjoy the topless action and then stay the rest of the evening with us! When the topless fun ends at 3pm, the gentleman’s club opens. You can simply move from the parking lot into the club and continue the fun that you had during the car wash! Take advantage of our private rooms, have a fantastic dinner from our delicious menu, or just relax and watch the dolls dance.

Since the car wash will be held on Saturday, you can enjoy full pitchers of domestic draft beer from 3pm to 7pm for only five dollars each. There is no cover charge until 6pm, so you can come in and hang out with the dolls until six or you can simply stay the evening until we close at 1 AM. What better way to spend your weekend?

We look forward to seeing you at the topless car wash for breast cancer awareness! Don’t forget about the fantastic giveaways or the food and drinks that you can enjoy while you’re there having your car washed. Remember, all of the proceeds go towards breast cancer awareness, so we can help make sure that breasts everywhere stay healthy.

Check out our Event Calendar for details on the Topless Car & Bike Wash