Here’s How To Keep It Classy As An RI Dolls Dancer

No matter how much experience you have as a stripper at a gentlemen’s club, you probably already know that one of the secrets to making more money is to stand out and be unique. Customers love that. One of the ways Rhode Island Dolls dancers in Woonsocket, RI stand out is by keeping it classy.

RI Dolls dancers are just a little more sophisticated. They are unique and our clients like to feel like our strippers are a step above the rest.

There’s lots of things you can do and all of them will help you make more money. Here’s a few ideas for RI Dolls dancers to try out:

Confident Attitude

First things first – no matter what you look like, no matter how you dance, you have to have the right attitude.

A classy woman has the right attitude. She doesn’t take crap from other people, but she is kind and polite. A classy stripper knows she’s beautiful and isn’t afraid to show off her assets. In fact, a classy stripper enjoys showing her soft and curvaceous naked body because she knows it looks good. But she isn’t conceited either. There is that fine line that a true classy woman will never cross.

Makeup and Hair Perfection Get Attention

A class act stripper always looks amazing and part of that is her hair and makeup. Spend the time needed to make sure that your makeup and hair are perfect before you make your appearance in the club.

People will notice you when you put in a little extra effort to look nice. There are tons of awesome videos on YouTube to show you how to do any kind of hairstyle you can think of, and many more that you never knew existed.

You also want to put on nice make-up that will brighten up your face and enhance your eyes, but without looking too trashy or over-done. Make-up should emphasize one area, like your eyes, and the rest of your face should be low-key. So if you put dark eye make-up on, use a soft neutral lipstick. There is nothing worse than seeing an erotic dancer with caked-on makeup that makes them look more like Eddie Munster than a gorgeous erotic dancer.

Beautiful Dresses and Costumes

A classy girl knows how to dress to impress. The key is not to come off looking like trash or a prostitute. That means, wear sexy gowns that go to the floor, but have a very high slit to show off your smooth thighs. Choose a sparkly dress in a color that compliments your skin tone, not some strange-colored dress that  you pulled off the sales rack because no one else would dare to wear it.

If you enjoy wearing costumes, stick to costumes that are sexy, but not slutty. You want to show off your hot body without looking like you just came in from the nearest corner. Consider costumes that keep you covered, but have short skirts and plunging necklines, ensuring something is left for the imagination – or high-tipping customers. Don’t buy the cheapest dresses and costumes because they will only make you look cheap. Invest in some nice clothes and not only will you look like a million bucks, but these high-quality clothes will last a lot longer than the cheap stuff.

What You Can’t Put Your Finger On

Being classy is more than just dressing nice, having nice hair and makeup, and having a great personality. There is something you can’t quite put your finger on that sets apart a classy dancer from a trashy one. Is it the way she carries herself as she walks around the club? Is it her niceness to customers or her willingness to help out the other dancers. A classy girl is also a generous person that really cares about those around her. She truly enjoys meeting new guys and learning a little bit about them. She might not ever see that person again, but for this night, he is the most interesting man in the world.

If you can tell a customer what he can and cannot do with a firm yet friendly voice, and politely control his actions during your time with him without giving him a negative taste in his mouth, then you are a classy stripper. If you dress tastefully while still being sexy and provocative, then you are classy. If you have nice hair and makeup, that shows you put in the time and effort to look your best instead of slopping some cheap stuff onto your skin, then you’ve got class. And if you have a friendly personality and you enjoy meeting new people, then you are classy and you would be perfect to work at RI Dolls.