Holiday-Themed Attire for Rhode Island Dancers

Holiday-Themed Attire for Rhode Island DancersThere’s no such thing as too much glitter, especially when the holidays roll around. Dazzle and delight your clients in shimmery, glimmery attire as you slowly grind to the beat of the season’s familiar melodies. Dressing in Christmas-inspired gear helps you get into the holiday mood and unleash the spirit of giving in the hearts – and wallets – of your patrons at the strip joint. A few minutes into your routine, you’ll be the sparkling package that everybody in the audience wishes they could unwrap on Christmas morning.

Santa Stuff
You don’t need a large belly and a fluffy white beard to pull of a Santa costume, although you can certainly accessorize with either of those things if you wish. Wish onlookers a very merry Christmas as you dance around the stage in a Santa-themed outfit. Red velvet is soft and sensual, while red satin is bold and seductive. A corset gives your best assets plenty of love, and a festive Santa hat adds to the charm of your holiday attire. Make things extra fun by requesting a song that mentions Santa during your set.

Glitzy Gear
You’re a star, baby, and you deserve to shine. Rock around the Christmas tree in eye-catching pieces covered in sequins or glitter to grab the attention of every guest in the audience of your Woonsocket strip club. Grind against your pole in a diamond-adorned thong, or shimmy and shake in a rhinestone-encrusted bra. Every one of the Rhode Island Dolls is totally gorgeous, and you’re no exception. Command the attention that you deserve in a can’t-miss-me bra and panty set that sparkles and shimmers beautifully with every dip, twist, and turn. And don’t forget to add a little sparkle to your skin, too with some sparkly body lotion!

Red and Green Attire
If you’re all sequined out or not into the whole Santa scene, consider donning an outfit that is red, green, or a combination of the two. RI Dolls can experiment with tons of different hues, from fire engine red to forest green. Liven things up a bit with lime green pieces, or pay homage to tradition in an apple-colored brassiere. Exotic dancers can never go wrong in sexy pieces with pretty details, so look for boy shorts, thongs, or pushup bras surrounded by lace this season.

Metallic Pieces
People often associate metallic hues with the holidays. Step out on the stage in a stunning pair of silver heels, or dance the night away in a gold top or bronze thong. Stick to one color, if you wish, or mix and match your metallic shades for a look with plenty of bling. Pay attention to your complexion when you’re choosing metallic attire, as silver can wash out lighter skintones and gold isn’t always the best choice for tanned skin that gets its golden glow from a bottle. For a futuristic look, make sure to line your eyes with plenty of black liner and apply a generous coat of shiny gloss to your lips.

White Wardrobe Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? If the snowflakes haven’t started to fall outside yet, bring your own wintry storm to the club. A white ensemble is classy and innocent, yet flirty and playful enough to please your clientele. Blend white with silver for a contemporary look, or opt for pure white as you entertain the crowd with your impressive moves. Red lipstick pairs fabulously with white lingerie, but you can also get away with a coat of mascara and a hint of rosy blush if you’re aiming for more of a girl-next-door look.

A successful exotic dancer finds ways to make every performance memorable, and using props is an easy way to draw the audience into your routine. You can use unique props for your routines, or you can talk with the other dancers at the strip club to figure out if there’s a decoration that all of you want to share. Shiny presents with large bows, a pole adorned with ribbons or wrapping paper, and a ornament-adorned tree are just a few things that you can incorporate into your set. It might be cold outside, but the Rhode Island Dolls make sure that it’s super hot inside of our top-notch gentlemen’s club.