How Dancers at RI Dolls Can Make Couples Their New Return Customers

Men, women, couples…everybody loves coming to Rhode Island Dolls to see the beautiful dancers. Many single clients are repeat customers, but dancers often wonder how to put on a good show for couples. There are different types of couples who visit RI Dolls, including married couples, gay couples, and couples who have recently started dating. If you want couples to return to your gentlemen’s club, you have to put on a show that both partners can enjoy. You also have to make sure that each significant other feels comfortable and happy.


You’ve probably been to a party or two where you could immediately figure out who didn’t know anybody. Wallflowers or folks who were the “plus one” at a party full of strangers often find comfort in visiting the food table, and this also works well for new guests at your Woonsocket strip club. If you see someone who seems a bit nervous or looks like they feel out of place, stop by the table and ask if the waitress has been by with food or drinks. Visitors who feel anxious about being at RI Dolls will often feel better after a beer or three and a delicious appetizer. 


Nobody wants to dance near a table where the wife or girlfriend is shooting death stares at every exotic dancer that walks by, but sometimes you have to take a deep breath, be brave, and just do it. Remember, when a partner looks angry, he or she is probably just feeling jealous or insecure. Giving an unconfident guest plenty of attention can help make the situation better. Dance near the table, smile widely at the angry-looking partner, and then stop by later to offer a private dance. Make sure to offer the scowling partner a private dance first, because offering the other partner one will just increase the tension. 


Not every song is geared toward couples. If you notice that couples are starting to frequent the gentlemen’s club during your shifts, consider tailoring your routine to include a few songs and moves that partners can both enjoy. Watch how couples react as you perform to figure out which dance routines are a hit with both members of the relationship, and talk to fellow dancers at RI Dolls to see which moves they think are ideal for nights when the club is packed with couples.


A friendly attitude goes a long way when you’re dealing with married, engaged, or dating duos. If a partner’s better half feels that your attitude is less than pleasant, the couple most likely won’t return to Rhode Island Dolls. Be as friendly as possible to couples that visit the club, even if one partner seems less than thrilled to be there. Remember, just because a guest arrives in a terrible mood doesn’t mean that entire visit has to go badly. Visitors often loosen up after a few sets, and the way that you treat clients has a huge effect on their decision to return to the strip club at a later point in time. You already know that more visitors typically equals more money, and who doesn’t enjoy earning plenty of cash during a busy night?


Couples visit strip clubs together for different reasons, but boredom usually isn’t one of them. Many couples come watch the gorgeous, talented dancers at RI Dolls as a way to spice up their relationship, and you can help them do that by ensuring that they can easily slip into fantasy mode as they watch you perform. You’d obviously never jump on stage and dance the night away in sweat pants and a hoodie, but it’s easy to end up wearing an outfit that isn’t the best choice.

There are no set rules when it comes to attire, but you will usually perform best when you are wearing an outfit that you feel good about. Donning a neon pink thong or a bold red bra might make you feel confident, or you might prefer dancing in sexy costumes, such as a police outfit. Don’t forget to style your hair, put on your makeup, and use plenty of bronzer or shimmery lotion. Being sexy, confident, and friendly on the stage are all wonderful ways to keep your favorite couples coming back time and time again to watch you dance.